Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence: 4 Major Benefits and Likely Disadvantage

John McCarthy in 1955, defined Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the science and engineering of making intelligent machines. In the 1960s, he conceived the idea of computer time-sharing or networking, which allowed users to share data by linking to a central computer. The innovation was a precursor of cloud computing – a method of storing data on a remote server accessible via the internet.


How to Move Experiential Marketing Beyond the Event Center

The main goal of embarking on an experiential marketing campaign by any brand is to connect the brand and consumers in more tangible, lasting ways than the traditional, old-way of advertising. Experiential marketing is driven towards three fundamental goals: driving consumer action, increasing sales, and fortifying brand loyalty.


How Conservatism Impedes Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur is ultimately responsible for the success of a venture which can be a company, a project, or any other endeavor. You are the initiator, a starter, a challenger, and a driver. You are to a greater extent a trailblazer. You are not comfortable with the norms. You want to bring about changes.


4 Ways Perfectionism Can Crumble Your Business

Yeah! Nobody should begrudge you that as a founder. What you want for your business is the best. You want your brand to be a household name and for that, you are willing and ready to give in all.  You deem everything should work tick tock to attain the status of perfectionism. But wait a minute. Is that really right?