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How to Scale-Personalize Your Marketing With AI

The nature of marketing has made it absolutely necessary to embark on the survival of the fittest and this can only be done by constantly honing and upping your area of competitive advantage. Fortunately for you, however, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recently opened the door to scale-personalize without compromise. No two customers are exactly the same, there are differences, concerns, feelings, pain points, and needs that must be addressed individually. But in a world of 7.7 billion people as of February 2019, according to the most recent United Nations estimates, it seems almost impossible to scale-personalize marketing. How do you go about attending to the different needs of these people, when everybody wants to be reckoned with? This is surely a herculean task especially now that customers want to know where, when, and how without being given excuses. Humans have constraints as well as the propensity to be inconsistent, therefore, it becomes difficult to effectively create responses that can appeal to a larger group at the level of the individual. Also, just one interaction that is out of context is enough to make you proffer the wrong response because you didn’t understand what brought about that particular interaction and in…

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