Consumers And More Consumers in 2019

Population in the world is currently (2018) growing at a rate of around 1.09% per year (down from 1.12% in 2017 and 1.14% in 2016). The current average population increase is estimated at 83 million people per year. This simply means that an estimated 83 million consumers will be added to the 7.62 billion world population as at mid-2018. The lifeline of any business is the consumer because it’s only when your products or services are purchased that you may be talking about profit and ROI. Your focus as a founder/CEO as you are going into 2019 and beyond should, therefore, be on the acquisition of customers and more customers. Targeting only 0.1% of the estimated 7.7 billion in 2019 will give you 7.7 million consumers. This will make very good progress for your business given that Amazon, one of the leading online retail platforms worldwide as of the first quarter of 2016, had 310 million active customers. This, however, is not something you can do out of the blues. It requires articulation, strategic approach, and adequate planning, especially now that the modern day consumer has become technologically savvy and advanced, with it becoming more apparent that the consumer wants…

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