Customer Engagement: Creatively Delivering Your Product

Customers expect marketing to do more than just sell to them, they expect more than just the product from the brand. This is the basis for customer engagement, for emotional involvement and commitment from the customer. A few years back, all a brand was required to do was to put up a very big ad on a billboard, magazine, or any of the electronic media; telling people how great they are and how better they are than all other brands. The truth is that customers were taken in by these ads and funny enough, life moved on. However, technology and advancement in digital marketing as well as the new channels of communication they have created varied and assorted ways of advertising and reaching across to customers. The potential for customer engagement is being discovered by brands and there is the absolute need to meet customers where they are and have genuine conversations with them. You need to tell them inspirational stories that will lead to their emotional involvement and commitment. You must court their loyalty to enable them to spread the word about your products, buy, and remain loyal to the brand. Most marketing practices are aimed at stimulating and…

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