The Unethical Secret to Target Consumer in 2019

The most important yardstick to measure successful marketing is the ability to reach your target consumer, convert them to do purchases, and make a whopping return on investment (ROI). This sounds rather simple but without being armed with the fundamental secret, you will still be revolving around a circle. Your target audience is that group you’re trying to sell your product or service to. The purpose of marketing is to reach that group and make them see the reason why they should be buying from you and nobody else. In order to reach your target consumer, however, you have to understand their motivations and habits as they pertain to your product. With this, you can fathom a better reason to make them buy from you. Marketing has been inundated with different ideas and means of reaching and converting potential consumers like the application of data science, using influencers, advertising, micro and hyper-targeting, affiliate marketing, and a host of others. While all these are ethical ways to target and possibly convert the audience, they will not make you wholly thoroughbred and an overwhelmingly successful marketer. In order to boost visibility and increase sales while sustaining a profit with a converting offer,…

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3 Pitfalls That Can Overwhelmingly Give Experiential Marketing The Knocks

Since the global market started recording a big decrease in the number of brand advocates, the methods of advertising began to change. Experiential marketing, which aims to create a closer bond between the consumers and the brand by immersing them in fun and memorable experiences, became a fundamental part of the marketing mix. Pitfalls do exist, however.


Why You Need Incorporating Influencer Marketing as an Entrepreneur

The bedrock of any business is marketing and as an entrepreneur, you need to do everything possible to stay afloat in the overly competitive global market. Right from the planning stages, you should have done enough research to hit the ground running. You also should have found out that customers are not just waiting for you with open arms.

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Drones As A New Marketing Offensive

What goes on in your mind and possibly gives you sleepless nights as an entrepreneur is how to enhance your ROI, this borders on carving out your own niche in the overly competitive market. Be as it may that you are able to create the desired impact in the market, you may not at the end of the day be making the spectacular profit you have initially set out to do. But drones are here to do that.