How You Can Transform Nature With Your Midas Touch

The biggest mistake you and I are probably making is looking at the world and then thinking, everything is in place, there is nothing I can contribute again. The guys who came before me have invented everything, how I wish I came into this world some years back, then I would have been a trailblazer.


Where we got this mindset is what completely knocks me out and you need to believe it, millions of people out there rationalize like this. The truth is that nature has given us so much and we need to give back to nature.


To give back to nature, you must first do an in-house check, where you ultimately repackage yourself to be able to come out with the best that will fit into the ecosystem.  


I was able to do serious brainstorming and came up with 4 antidotes to this erroneous conception.


Pick a role model


A lot of people out there have done it, they decided to put in their Midas touch and they revolutionized the world. They did it, you can do it.


Bill Gates did not invent the computer, what he did was to put in his Midas touch into the whole stuff and he came up with Microsoft. He had this to say “it’s fine to celebrate success but it

is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”


Motivational ideas didn’t start with Joel Brown of addicted2success but he has taken it to another level, he has made it something else with his Midas touch. He said, “there are 86,400 seconds in a day, but it means nothing if you don’t know how to make it count.”


Companies were built before Tobias Lutke of Shopify was born, but the masterstroke, the Midas touch came in here to play. He said, “I work under the assumption that we have no idea how to build companies yet, and that 50 years from now people will look back at the companies of today and they will seem like the black-and-white footage of the first hockey games. We have no idea how to build the best companies yet.”


There are more and more, and I just picked these three to show you that you can put in the Midas touch in virtually anything you do. You are a chef, doctor, broker, boxer, writer, marketer or an administrator, you have it, it’s in there in you.


The best is yet to come and you have the key. Get up and get going.


You must be courageous


You must look yourself in the face and be blunt and frank. What has been holding you back is fear. You don’t want to venture into an unknown world. Honestly, no one should blame you because it isn’t an easy stuff.


However, you must know the sensation of fear in order to be truly courageous. A truly courageous man is he who being sensible to fear, yet from faithfulness to his obligations and from the need to forge ahead conquers his fear and faces his enemy.


“Heroes are never perfect but they’re brave, they’re authentic, they’re courageous, determined, discreet and they’ve got grit.” – Wade Davies


Trust your gut feelings


No one can know you more than yourself. That super instinct of yours must be allowed to blossom. That gut feeling of yours is the new idea the world is waiting for. You can’t be operating on another person’s gut feelings because that’s exactly what you’ve been doing all this while.


You have been living under another person’s shadow, just tell me what you think you are going to accomplish. That feeling in the pit of your stomach is the only thing that is real. You’ve got to break out of that shell.


              “There’s a new me coming out

                    And I just had to live

                       And I wanna give

                  I’m completely positive

                  I think this time around

                       I am gonna do it

                    Like you never knew it

                    Ooh! I’ll make it through” – Diana Ross


Make procrastination your enemy


Hit the rod while it’s still red-hot. Don’t pass the buck. The buck must stop at your table. Nothing kills a brilliant idea like procrastination. With your procrastination, you are denying the world something beautiful that is lacking, which only you can give.


If you leave what you are expected to do today for tomorrow, you may go on to leave it for the next day and so on until the idea goes down the drain.


Where you are supposed to apply the Midas touch, you fear or dread, or have anxiety about the important task awaiting you. You also end up frittering away beautiful opportunities.


On a parting note, if after going through this and you still refuse to get out there and give the world that your mind blower, then you should see yourself only as a selfish person.

If Larry Page and Sergey Brin had decided to doodle, the world would have lost the Midas touch called Google today.


Get this into your skull, however, the world needs your Midas touch and the earlier the better.


Mother nature is beckoning on you especially with all the catastrophic phenomena hitting it from right, left, and center. Your Midas touch is the magic wand for the more than needed and most timely transformation.


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