9 Effective Ways to Get The Best From Your Employees

9 Effective Ways to Get the Best From Your Employees


A business setup has never been and should never be seen as a one-man show. It has its appendages and all must work together in order to achieve the best result.


Productivity from the angle of fundamental economics bothers on land, capital, labor, and entrepreneurship. All are equally important and if any of the four is relegated to the background, the business will surely suffer a devastating blow.


It will not be out of place to even say that the central and coordinating factor among the four is labor which can be translated in another word as employees. Employees make all the other factors to function as a single flowing unit.


For this reason, we can safely conclude that once the employee is removed from the chain, the whole stuff will crumble. It can be likened to when the heart just simply packs up in a body, the body is only fit for the city morgue.


It will be suicidal for you as a businessman to toy with your employees. Once you start playing games with them nobody needs to tell you that you are digging the six feet of your business.


As humans, however, it is very easy to get the best from your employees. It all depends on how you handle them. They actually joined the outfit to put in their best and are mostly ready and willing to do so.


What you require is the know-how and in the case, you don’t know how to go about the whole stuff or you have been probably doing it the wrong way, the following 9 ways will get you on track effectively.


  1. Treat your employees as humans


We know your employees are your hirelings but you don’t need to rub that in. Treat them as equal human beings to yourself. A camaraderie touch won’t be out of place from you.


If you make them realize that there is little or no difference between you and them, they will definitely reciprocate the gesture by seeing and taking the business as theirs. The resultant effect will be to move the establishment to higher heights since they will always want to be associated with any giant stride taken by the company.


  1. Give them a sense of belongingness


How about making your employees to share ownership by buying some shares from the company? I want to believe that will be the best thing you can come up with. It is an absolute touch of ingenuity. Nobody can beat that.


As part owners, they will go up the hill and down to ensure the company stays healthy. On your part, you must have made the killer move by this singular action. No employee who is a part owner will want the establishment to crumble.


  1. Get to know your employees


It matters so much if you as the founder is able to see an employee who possibly is a low cadre employee and call the person by name. The impact on such an employee will be so great and it will leave a serious imprint.


Depending on the size of the workforce, it will work towards your end as the founder if you get to know your employees. You may possibly not know all of them by name but knowing the section or department a worker belongs to may suffice.


  1. Listen to their complaints


As humans, we have our frail nature and from time to time may be in one form of need. Another masterstroke is to watch out for this moments and always give a listening ear to your employee’s complaints or problems.


It’s definitely a big burden off their hearts when they know you are there to share their problems with them. Nobody who is bogged down by worries and knows no place to go for a solution will ever be expected to put in the best performance at work.


  1. Allow them to join trade unions


Some employers have the erroneous belief that when workers are allowed to join trade unions, they always foment trouble. Trade unions are formed to make sure a worker’s right is not trampled upon, as well as being a contributor to a dynamic and equitable growth.


If your employees are allowed to belong to trade unions, you will discover that they will feel more secure and also relate to you with more trust. They will see you as an honest person with no shady deals. They will also believe that you are putting all your cards on the table.  


  1. Commend them whenever it’s necessary


You should learn to put in a nice word here and then. It is most of the time a morale booster. There isn’t anybody who does not appreciate compliments.

In the real sense of the word, it does not take anything out of you rather you make the most out of it. It is a fact that they are being paid for the work they do, that shouldn’t stop you.


If employees realize that their contributions are being appreciated, they will go well out of their ways to put in extra effort all to the benefit of the organization.


  1. Ensure they are well paid


Remember that “a hungry man is an angry man.” A well-paid employee has no reason to sulk and will always carry out any assignment gleefully. Once an employee is satisfied and contended with the pay packet, you should expect the best results.


This actually should be expected because money turns around the mill and money fills the tummy. Their payment should be timely too for them to meet up with their bills and stuff like that.


  1. Show concern for their welfare


It is possible that an employee has some other people to cater for. Starting welfare schemes for members of the family such as picking up medical bills for some members of the family is a step in the right direction and a good incentive.


An occasional gift on birthdays, thanksgiving days, and some other festivity periods speaks volumes. There is no way the employee will not appreciate such gestures, which will translate into more productivity.


  1. Give room for criticisms


You should allow your employees a voice in certain issues. A suggestion box will be an ideal way of making them express their minds.


It will also be an added advantage if they realize that from time to time their suggestions are being incorporated. They will definitely feel that they are contributing to the growth of the establishment and be willing to do more.


In conclusion, a contented and satisfied workforce is a prelude to enhanced productivity and profitability. It is also a yardstick to a stable society and nature at large.


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