World War 3: Three Facts That Will Make The Human Form Go Into Extinction

After the two world wars, the world has become a bit more fragile to the extent that it might not be able to outlast another world war.


Apart from the two world wars, we have seen some other great wars such as the Mongol Conquests, Conquests by the Empire of Japan, the Russian Civil War, the American Civil War, and the Napoleonic Wars; all which have hit the world right, left, and center.


Of all the wars we have previously experienced, the second world war was taken to another dimension. This has to do with the brutality, wickedness, and the nature of weapons that were used to execute the war.


Where wars were fought for purposes of annexation and domination before, this particular war added the angle of totally eradicating a sect of people ( Jews ) from the surface of the earth. It was based on the premise that they were an inferior race and were not fit to live.


It was the second world war that idea of people being gassed as well as the atomic bomb of which Hiroshima and Nagasaki are memorable “relics” for us to see.


After all these very sad events, one would have thought that the world would have learned a very serious lesson and shun every conduct that can plunge us into another war, surprisingly, however, the opposite is exactly what we are seeing today.


We dug deep into our brains and came out with more deadly weapons and arsenals, you definitely must take me seriously, that was exactly what we did and this has brought us to the precipice of another world war; a third one.


Every country even with the ones that have crackpots, junkies, cranks, nutcases, dictators, despots, and the dregs of these world at the helms of affairs of their nations are sinking huge sums of money they should have used for developmental purposes into stockpiling arms.


Their actions and the following 3 facts are gradually but steadfastly pushing us into a world war and into the extinction of the human form.


  1. Nuclear weapons


As far back as 1954, the United States tested a hydrogen bomb at Bikini Atoll. The hydrogen bomb was 1,000 times more powerful than the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima.

You are at liberty to imagine the impact of that if dropped anywhere on this planet. Apart from the United States, other countries such as China, Britain, France, and Russia are known to have hydrogen bombs.


North Korea too has joined the race with the claim that it successfully staged a hydrogen bomb test in 2016. Also in September 2017, the country conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test, which it claimed was an advanced hydrogen bomb.


Hall, director of the University of Tennessee’s Institute for Nuclear Security called the hydrogen bomb a “city killer.” The reason is simply that the bomb has the potentials to wipe out a modern city.


If we have to make any sense out of what Hall said, we should consider a situation where one lunatic who incidentally calls the shots in a country has such a weapon and decides to use it. I wouldn’t want to imagine the worst but it seems we are approaching that situation with what is going on in North Korea.


If we have to add biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction that have also been stockpiled by some leaders, you will agree with me that that the human form is tilting towards extinction.


Do I need to tell you that without even detonating any of these nuclear weapons that we are still in danger? When there are leakages from any nuclear reactor, the world is also in a problem.


  1. Increased hatred


There are so much hatred and mistrust in the world we live in that any misguided action or utterance is capable of causing an implosion. A lot of people have had their patience reduced to a pinprick and are ready to unleash their pent-up fury at any given time.


Most often, this results from religious misconception and negative indoctrination. If religion is truly the opium of the people as postulated by Karl Marx, then this opium should be doled out in the form that it will not lead to extremism and animosity.


Racism is another thing that has bred so much mistrust and suspicion among peoples of the earth.


Hatred at the rate it is going is like a potential timed bomb which can explode anywhere and anytime.


  1. Too many flashpoints


There are too many flashpoints in the world we live in. This portends a potential and dangerous situation to humans. Any of this spots can easily transform into a full-blown war especially with countries seemingly taking sides.


In Syria for instance, President Bashar al-Assad is opposed by U.S., Britain, and many Arab countries while he is backed by Russia and Iran.


Other flashpoints include Mexico, Mali, Afghanistan, Yemen, East China Sea, South China Sea, and Pakistan.


Any or all of these are potential world war zones depending on which powers are backing a particular side and which powers are in the opposition.


The only bailout we can expect is to initiate a nuclear weapons freeze policy, with all countries contributing seriously to its workability. If the world fails to buckle up and find a solution to this monster, then we may end up having the human form going into extinction very fast.


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