How Young Graduates Can Tip The Balance In The Looming World Food Crisis

It is definitely no doubt that food is a sustaining and enduring necessity. It is also true that most countries of the world are at their wits end in what to do to feed their teeming populations.


Scientists have taken steps to find a solution to this problem by embarking on the search for alternatives in the forms of artificial and synthetic foods but their efforts have not yielded the desired result yet.


Since our science and technology won’t do the magic yet, we have no other option than to embark on farming to feed the world.


The problem of providing enough food for the world is a mission and we must get people to come to our rescue.


But who is more fitted for this rescue mission?


Our young graduates, of course. They are our best bet for this rescue mission.


The reasons are not far-fetched: farming is an energetic activity and you need vibrant people, full of vigor and vitality to carry on this onerous task. It can’t be left for the old and weak. The beauty of the whole thing is that you don’t need a degree in agriculture to become a good farmer.


Our young graduates are packed full and brimming with innovative ideas and they have the stuff required to rescue us from this ugly situation we have found ourselves. We made the mistake of relegating farming to the background and we must correct this anomaly.


What will these young graduates gain from embarking on this rescue mission? Just follow me as we look at these six things they will gain.


1 . Wealth and fame


Do you know that by 2050, the world population is estimated to hit the 9.7 billion mark from the current 7.5 billion? These people must eat food to survive and the food must be provided by some people.


You don’t need a rocket scientist to fashion out the fact that anybody who can be able to feed just 1 percent of this number must become stinkingly rich and famous, there are no two ways about that.


  1. You are the boss


Since this is your own setup, you don’t need anybody to boss you around. You do your own thing at your own pace and convenience. As a young graduate who has a lot stacked up there and does not want much disturbance, this is right up your alley.


You have the ultimate freedom to try out your ideas and put into practice your innovations. The farm is yours after all. You are completely free from unnecessary supervisions. You are your own boss.


  1. Limited competitors


Quite unlike most other lines of businesses you don’t need to fear competition. The market is so large that what you will just be doing is to scratch the surface. You may even want to have some people in the same line of business with you so that it is not an absolute monopoly.


What do you think the food you will produce will do to 7.5 billion people?


  1. It is multifaceted


You can choose which aspect of farming you want to engage yourself in. You may wish to venture into crop farming or animal farming.


No matter which branch you choose, you still have a lot of room for leverage. There are assorted crops you may want to cultivate and there also different types of animals you may want to rear. The choice is yours to make.


There are also a lot of organizations that are in the food business you can reach out to for help and direction such as the International Grains Council and the  United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO ).


  1. Ample time to engage in side-gigs


If you still wish to engage in a side gig you will find out that you have the time. But the truth is that you will at the end of the day consider such an effort as a waste of resources when you must have seen the type of turnover you will be making from your farm.


Notwithstanding, you will discover that your farm work will give you much grace to engage in other activities.


  1. Enough time for vacation


Farming is a seasonal business especially for those who practice crop farming.


A farmer who has harvested the crops for the season will have a vacation period before the next planting season sets in. This will afford the young graduate ample opportunity to take a vacation and possibly travel out of the country.


Incidentally, those who are engaged in animal farming also have their harvest period and the ensuing vacation period.


The world must be fed and we need you to do it for us.


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