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Drones As A New Marketing Offensive

What goes on in your mind and possibly gives you sleepless nights as an entrepreneur is how to enhance your ROI, this borders on carving out your own niche in the overly competitive market. Be as it may that you are able to create the desired impact in the market, you may not at the end of the day be making the spectacular profit you have initially set out to do. But drones are here to do that.


The reason for this may not be far-fetched. The overhead is unnecessarily money-grubbing and to stop this massive drain on your resources, measures that will save you man-hours and their associated costs must be put in place.


Advancements in drone technology which are driving down production costs, coupled with the new rules and regulations for small unmanned aircraft systems (small UAS), or drones by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on June 21, 2016, have astonishingly placed drones in an overwhelmingly good position to revolutionize the global market.


The drone technology has just kick-started and the joy of the whole stuff is that it cuts across brands. It’s bound to continue and expand with new innovations. Entrepreneurs and marketers alike have just been exposed to a nip of the iceberg. It promises to evolve new, exciting, and visually advertising materials.


But how is this going to stunningly revolutionize the marketing ecosystem?


  1. Taking aerial shots


You will be able to utilize the drone as a recording tool to take aerial shots that provide a different perspective on your events, products, and services at hugely reduced costs. Before the incorporation of this technology into advertising, venturing into aerial advertisement was sort of left for the very big organizations since you needed to sink in a lot of bucks.


Looking deeply into the process, it was completely necessary since you needed the services of helicopters and cranes at different sites. Despite the fact that the resultant effect was worth the effort, it was actually not a venture you can dabble into without first taking a serious look at what you have in your coffers.


With drones, however, and not taking into considerations the brand, be it a real estate agent of a large property or an architect taking videos of skyscrapers, you are assured of dazzling aerial shots at very reduced costs. PWC’s study on the commercial application of drone technology reports that over $127 billion will be saved by businesses in services and labor.


  1. Ease of movement and penetration


The drone has removed the constraints associated with maneuvering over very difficult arenas. There is virtually no terrain that a drone cannot penetrate. This has surely been a set back for marketers who found it very difficult to get to potential customers in these difficult areas. Drones are crafted to take your message to the people directly and aggressively which billboards and signposts cannot do as they are passive and stationary.


The drone has eased out the travails of advertising in these areas and even getting goods and services delivered to customers. Though the restriction to 55 pounds of goods including the drone itself may be seen as a shortcoming, the promise of having goods delivered directly to your doorsteps especially where traveling by road is treacherous completely outweighs the shortcomings and there is always the possibility of the regulation being overhauled.


Drones can be effectively deployed to inspect power lines, power plants, wind turbines, and storm damage. All these would be expected to take several hours and the attendant cost factor on the organization using normal channels. With drones, on the other hand, it will take minutes to accomplish the task.


  1. A captivating experience


Marketing campaigns thrive on the impact they make on prospective customers. This is the area influencer and experiential marketing explore to make the staggering ROI being recorded as against traditional advertising. The drone has this as an advantage and more.


Whatever is registered by the sense of sight is not easily forgotten and the fact that people love to have a glimpse of a drone when it’s flying means that whatever information that is passed across through this means will definitely have a long-lasting effect. What you need as a marketer is for people to remember your product, it’s when they remember that they will purchase.


  1. Ease of use


Manufacturers of drones are working round the clock to ensure that almost everybody can fly and control a drone. Since you won’t be needing a specialist any of your staff members can be assigned the job. The technicalities involved are easily acquired and you can even control some drones from the comfort of your office with your smartphone, by using nothing more than an app and a WiFi or Bluetooth connection.


Drones are tools that can be employed for quick marketing pushes. Logistics and bureaucratic hiccups that hitherto have been bogging down advertisers are becoming things of the past. All you need do is to get on board, you can’t afford to be feeling smug while your peers are blazing the trail and having mind-blowing ROI to show for it.

Photo Credit: Mike Licht, Flickr via Compfight cc


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