Why Perfect Timing Is A Necessity For Vibrant Marketing

Vibrant, perfect marketing is the wish of any entrepreneur, you invest and see the ROI in real-time. But the catch here is that you can’t expect such a turnaround without perfect timing.

A lot of resources and processes go into vibrant marketing. You need to plan an effective marketing campaign, convert potential leads, and eventually launch your product or services into the market all these are based on perfect timing.

A lot of organizations ignore the importance of perfect timing and they have done so to their woes. You will be losing everything you have invested, your great idea, a theoretically brilliant business model, a talented team, and enough funding to get the ball rolling without perfect timing.

It will amount to an understatement to say that it’s the soul of your vibrant marketing. Taking a look at these three processes involved in marketing will bring to the limelight why you must not joke with perfect timing if you really want to see a monumental growth and the equivalent ROI.

1. Marketing campaign

The essence of your marketing campaign is to introduce your product or service to your potential consumers. If for instance, you decide on an experiential marketing campaign in order to feel the pulse of the consumers directly, you must put in perfect timing.

Your whole essence of embarking on experiential marketing is to provide an unforgettable immersive experience, resulting in a state of flow for the consumer. A very good case of an imperfect timing was that of Snapple.

Snapple got it all wrong by displaying a 25-foot-tall ice-lolly at Union Square in New York in June of 2013. The brand failed woefully on timing and paid dearly for it. 

How they ever thought up that idea in an 80-degree temperature which eventually turned the popsicle into a melting mess beats imagination. It got to the extent that firefighters had to be called to clear the kiwi-strawberry-flavored sticky liquid that flooded downtown Manhattan

With perfect timing, you can’t beat the experiential marketing campaign as studies have shown that 72 percent of millennials plan to increase the amount of money they dedicate to buying experiences. It will also do you a lot of good if you can find out if there are any other events going on at the same time you can leverage on or that will cause a distraction.

2. Leads conversion

For vibrant marketing, you need to constantly generate a lot of leads and also ensure their conversions. It’s only by converting these leads that you are certain of new customers.

Lead Connect in a study found out that 78% of customers buy from the company that responds to their inquiry first. As the first vendor to engage a prospect, you are passing along a new piece of information.

If it comes from a second or third vendor, it’s no longer unique and impressive, you’ll want to be the first vendor and that is perfect timing at play.

Google and CEB in a joint white paper ‘The Digital Evolution in B2B Marketing,’ say that “B2B customers reported to being nearly 60% through the sales process before engaging a sales rep, regardless of price point. More accurately, 57% of the sales process just disappeared.” 


If then your customer has already taken such length of time to find out about your company, you don’t have any excuse for not closing the deal immediately. Any hesitation will only drive the customer away and to another vendor for that matter.

3. Market launch

The exact time you get your product to the market is very vital. You must endeavor to get it in with perfect timing.

Let’s look at the scenario where everything you need to make a wonderful business growth is perfect: Your idea is great, on paper, your business model is astounding, the best team is at your beck and call, and you don’t have any problem with funding. This by all standards is a killer combination. 

The catch, however, is that your idea is coming too early and incidentally, your potential consumers aren’t ready for it. Their minds are not prepared for such an innovation, you definitely have hit the rock bottom. 

Another side of the coin is that your beautiful idea has come too late, a host of competitors got to the market before you, whatever you are bringing is stale you just have to forget about the idea of squeezing in it’s not worth the effort.

It’s very possible that you have a shortcoming in every other facet to boost your business growth: You have just an ordinary, but not a great idea, your business model lacks depth, just a few dedicated people who lack the required savviness to get you running, and barely enough funding to keep you floating. 

On the other hand, you applied perfect timing to your market launch, consumers have been eagerly awaiting for such a product, they are yearning for it, you came in at the right moment, and before any other vendor. You have literally hit the jackpot.

Expectedly, you will experience strong initial sales, which will go a long way to help you flesh out your business model and provide you enough cash to resolve your funding issue. You will then be able to onboard a crack team, furnish your idea and update your business model. 

All these will be a jolly ride since you have the consumers in your kitty. 

There is no science to perfect timing, it comes with gut feelings and a bit of luck. If you, however, are able to get it right, everything will fall into shape in no distant time.

Photo by Kornél Máhl on Unsplash

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2 thoughts on “Why Perfect Timing Is A Necessity For Vibrant Marketing

  1. Hey John,

    Timing is a very important factor in achieving success. Without timing, any effort, talent, and anything you do might not be enough to reach your goals. Just like dancing, you need to have timing to be graceful. Just like singing, you need to have perfect timing to avoid being out of tune.


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