3 Best Ways You Can Use to Hire Content Writers

Writing is an inborn trait that comes naturally in the form of scribbling. However, the world has witnessed many incredible writers from different genera such as William Shakespeare, J.K Rowling, and Jeff Goins — a big name in content writing — who have used writing as a communication medium. 

Clearly, there are many types of writings. In this internet era where everything has gone online, however, content writing has gained a huge attention. Today, people write online and instantly get noticed. 

To this end, we have a mushroom-growth of content writers everywhere on the net. Some of these writers you will get to see are real quality writers, on the other hand, there is a brood of content writers you must avoid as plague.

If you run a company and really want to hire some quality writers, it may prove to be quite a challenging task, you need to embark on thorough scrutiny. But you don’t need to kill yourself over this, there are some genuine ways for hiring content writers. 

Some of the trusted ways are:

Search in-house first

This is the most common tip and you would have heard it many times, yet overlooked it all the time. The best way of searching for something is to begin right from your home.

You might be the boss of a big company with a handsome number of employees. Then why have you not given a thought to unleashing the potential of your subordinates? 

Each of these people is endowed with a hidden talent that you need to behold. All you need is to go ahead and ask your employees if any of them is confident and can volunteer for up to the mark content writing? 

Using this trick you can be successful in your goal of talent hunt within a short time. If you are smashed in your search then you can get content writers that are very dedicated to the job. 

They will put in more effort and time into your project. And as your current employees are already aware of the company’s rules and moto, you spend less time in training them and teaching your rules. 

A whole lot of burden will be lifted from your shoulders and your life will become less stressful. You may need to offer higher pay packets to your content writing employees for motivation.

Using social media

Almost everybody has one social media account or the other that we use for our personal or business relationships. This can be an excellent DIY platform for posting your job offer. 

There are numerous writing pages and groups in which people promote themselves as freelance writers. You can have a close look at them. 

One advantage of your search via social media sites like facebook would be that you can instantly read the content of people. You can read their blog. 

You can access them and ask them about the originality of the content. In this way, you can interact genuinely with the talent.

Job searching websites

This is the most used tool by recruiters when they are in search of suitable employees. There are many recruitment websites that are only designated for writing. 

These websites have a flock of freelance writers and can aid your hiring process. You simply go through their resumes to discover any that matches your job criteria and can do the job well for you. 

Some common authenticated job search engines from where you can hire writers are:

LinkedIn Pro

It is a network of over 50,000 professionals that are experts in the dynamic fields of writing. You can get writers, bloggers, editors, copywriters, etc just from one platform. 

It is easy to browse through the history of the freelancers and view their sample portfolio. You can post your advertisement by mentioning your job requirements. 

You can also apply a filter on the applications that you want to accept or can apply a certain keyword that would be necessary for the application of employees to qualify. This will save you a lot of time in your scrutinizing process thereby, rejecting unqualified applications even before reading them. 

You simply end up with the applications that meet your desired qualities and view their profiles in detail.


Not believing your eyes? Yes, that’s true. Quora can be your friend to aid out in your task. 

Quora is a big question and answer website that is primarily involved with writing. Different bloggers and content writers use this platform for promoting their websites. 

You can check profiles and Quora blogs of your future potential employees. This will provide you with an in-depth idea about the skills of different bloggers. 

Furthur you can check their websites, and you can shortlist and contact the writer whose style inspires you and you enjoy reading.


Indeed is a big name in the recruitment world and almost every other person has heard its name. This platform is available in almost all parts of the world. 

Indeed has over 180 million monthly subscribers. You can post a job with all the essential details. 

Sponsoring your post will double the candidates that will be tempted to apply for your job. In addition, Indeed has hiring experts and an automation process

You will be able to hire full time or freelance writers depending on your choice. That makes this platform very trustworthy for employers.

“We heavily use local job boards to source writers. The key is to push as many applicants as possible to the top of the funnel and weed out bad applicants based on your criteria. As a Content Manager, you should spend most of your time on the bottom of the funnel i.e interviewing and screening,” says Mahama Maaz, the Chief Editor At Indoor Champ, a resource for indoor gaming geeks having 3 Full-Time In House Writers. 


It is a highly rated platform that is used by many people in searching for freelance content writers. Billions of businesses are done on the Upwork. It is a host for more than 12 million freelance writers. 

You can post your job and in return will find many writers interested in doing your job. You can match the criteria of writers by reviewing their bids and their previous works. 

You can settle the payment with your worker. Upwork will get hold of this procedure to make sure that the employers get contents that match their standards and this will also ensure that payment is made to the writer on time. 

Using Upwork has its pros and cons. One of the biggest cons of recruiting from such sites is that sometimes you cannot ascertain the actual capability of the person.

These are some of the ways of discovering the right talent. There are other sites that offer you quality services at relatively reasonable rates. 

A tip though! Never ever go for a cheap writer. This will compromise your quality and you will end up with junk that may ruin your business in the long run.

Whichever way you decide to go, it’s important that you scrutinize hard for the right candidate. If you are unlucky and end up with a wrong candidate you are headed down the drain.

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Article contributed by Muneer Shah.

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