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How Operational Efficiency Can Negatively Impact Your Business Effectiveness

One major advantage of technological advancement as regards businesses today is its undisputed effect on operational efficiency. Businesses all over the world mop up every single strategy that will enhance their operational efficiency without giving a thorough thought to how this can negatively impact their effectiveness.  The main reason they plunge headlong into anything that smells of operational efficiency is the mindset to cut costs hoping that will translate to a higher ROI. A major enabler of this approach to cost reduction has been business process automation.  Apart from allowing businesses to cut a big expense by the way of their employees, business process automation is an enabler of efficiency, this is not a surprise by any means, machines simply outperform humans. Theoretically, this is so but in reality, we may have another angle to the whole stuff. It’s rather unfortunate that a lot of organizations have people doubling up on work despite the fact that technological advancement has amplified the process of automation. In most cases, what you have on the ground is more errors, poorly taken and executed decisions leading to amazing reduction in the quality of service.  Some organizations resort to outsourcing as a way of cutting…

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Why Deceptive Branding is Not The Best Method

Your whole effort at branding is to make your product as attractive as possible, where packaging is usually the key. This is an area of marketing that businesses so much rely on to hook up consumers but deceptive branding may turn out into a total disaster that will quickly send you into the oblivion if you are involved in the practice.  The situation has got to an alarming rate to the extent that the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is no longer taking things lying low and has felt the need to step in with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), against sellers of nicotine-containing e-liquids that looked like juice boxes, candy, and cookies that were seen as having the potential of creating a mixup for children with other look-alike ordinary products. This is a type of deceptive branding that could be plain dangerous. You may think you are out to disguise but that can be a devilishly subtle way of deception. In branding, there’s a big difference between trying to push the truth and outrightly making false claims.  That’s what deceptive branding is. A lot of businesses have suffered untold setbacks for peddling mediocre products while using wild claims like…

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