15 Latest Facebook Updates for 2020 that You Definitely Want to Know

Social media marketing is a highly dynamic domain, and this is especially true when we drill down to Facebook, the world’s biggest social networking site. A lot more interesting nowadays is that after Facebook makes a change, there is a trickle-down effect on Instagram, which is very accurate regarding advertising.

The folks at Facebook have published some updates we should look forward to in the coming months — updates we must keep in mind when planning 2020 strategies.

To keep you up to date, listed here are fifteen new Facebook updates that you will need to know for 2020.

1. Lead generation in Messenger

You may make advertisements that click through to messenger, and it will create an open contact between your brand and a potential customer. They will see several questions with free form text or answer options. 

It’s possible to integrate this feature with your CRM and then continue interacting with all qualified leads by the Pages inbox, Pages Manager App, or even a third-party live chat provider. Then a prompt will be sent if people don’t complete questions.

Consumers love AI chat spiders whenever they need easy answers or quick solutions to a regular problem. The lead-gen feature of Facebook additionally enables instantaneous support.

 2. Shopping in Instagram stories

Create more engaging and interactive shopping experiences with the addition of product decals to your Instagram Stories. Users watching your narrative will be able to find product information and info, and they’re also going to find a way to browse through to your mobile site to make a purchase.

 3. 24-hour standard messaging window 

Facebook’s Messenger Platform policies are made to “help people and organizations connect effortlessly to reach meaningful outcomes.” Consumers expect a fast reply and businesses that adapt do attain better outcomes. 

So, they have a “24 +1 Rule” and each time a user opts into messaging; they could send as many promotional messages they want in the first twenty-four hours. Next, they can send one promotional update and many non-promotional updates.

 4. Augmented reality Ads

With augmented-reality Ads, brands are going to have the ability to build a more profound connection with users by assisting them to communicate with and show different products and experiences over the Facebook platform.

The Advertisements can enable users to instantly access the Facebook camera to check their offerings via a ‘Tap to Try On’ CTA. 

 5. Simplified message tags 

We declared that the 24 +1 Rule was changing. Adding on to this stage, Facebook is simplifying message tags. You can send 1:1 message outside the 24-hour window for several special reasons:  

  • You will have the ability to communicate
  • Post-purchase updates
  • Event reminders
  • Account updates
  • Human-agent

The takeaway from Facebook, though, is to reply to your messages instantly! (Sound familiar?)

 6. Playable Ads

Facebook also recently added playable advertisements for game apps, which empower users to “try before they buy” — which in turn leads to higher intent installs from users who have had the chance to go through the app before installing it.

 7. Facebook page recommendations

You may have already found that, but Facebook Page Reviews are updated to Recommendations. The update aims to provide a better comprehension of what they could expect, based on customers’ experiences, which adds an excess level of transparency to the feedback.

 8. Calibra 

Calibra provides financial services throughout the Libra network, a global cryptocurrency that is still contentious. It is one of the significant Facebook updates for 2020.

9. New management and navigation tools in business manager 

More comfortable, faster, more convenient. That is the theme of the hottest Facebook changes. The platform is introducing fresh design and navigation for Business Manager. 

It will make it easier to manage assets and permissions over Facebook platforms (e.g., Instagram, WhatsApp). There is a shortcut tool that provides suggestions based on past processes, in addition to a shortcut that takes you into Ads Supervisor to create advertisements. 

10. Redesigned pages on mobile

Facebook business pages have been recreated on mobile, rendering them simpler to navigate, which should induce more actions, under Facebook. Another update you’re likely aware of.

11. Simplified feed formats 

Facebook introduced an updated design sooner in 2019, highlighting privacy and a “milder” feel for its social network. It prompted an update on mobile to page articles and advertisements. 

The observable text that is main will probably regenerate from seven lines to three. Individuals need to click for more information. Still another shift: the media elevation to get photos and videos will soon proceed into 4:5. 

12. Refined targeting options 

“Spray and pray” marketing is valid – and costly. The Facebook business manager will allow more refined targeting choices to help you zero in on your audience. Narrow in on not only demographics but behaviors and interests. 

Note: Facebook is also considering action against prejudicial ad targeting in specific business categories, specifically housing, employment, and credit. Some businesses were using ad tools to limit audiences unfairly. You have to stipulate whether you fall beneath any of these categories.

13. Video metrics updates

Facebook newly updated its video ad metrics to help advertisers get a better handle on real video engagement and optimize video creativity based on those behaviors.

Facebook also updated its ad metrics to help advertisers find a better deal of real video involvement and optimize video creativity predicated on those behaviors.

14. Self-Serve brand lift in test and learn

Facebook has also implemented brand spanking new choices to understand and to test your Facebook ad campaigns impact one’s brand’s understanding. It is a tool we cannot wait to get more familiar with. 

15. New insights and e-learning courses

It is an excellent resource for brands that will enable you to find out more about topics, such as developing marketing mix models and measuring effort performance and get heaps of blueprint e-Learning classes. All these are online classes that allow you to master marketing abilities. 

You can also see consumer insights that can help direct your marketing campaigns. 


Why is this important? Well, 37 minutes remains a considerable part of our days – notably with all busy schedules – and that means that you can’t afford to ignore this platform. Nevertheless, the downward tendency also signals that, while Facebook is a force to be reckoned with and will continue to be, we will need to be on our toes and watch for trends to emerge. 

That is digital marketing, folks! The only real constant thing is change, after all.

Don’t worry: Cibirix Digital Marketing Agency will be here to guide you through Facebook updates for 2020 and beyond – as well as helping you browse fresh territory if it is relevant and holds potential. Speak to us today – and let us make 2020 that your very best year yet.

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