9 Best Chrome Extensions That Ensure Digital Marketers Rank Higher

Google Chrome extensions are powerful small helpful programs that one may add to extend the capabilities of the Google Chrome web browser. Chrome extensions are meant to improve efficiency, maximize productivity, and overall user experience. 

I have picked some best chrome extensions, especially for digital marketers. These extensions will increase the productivity of digital marketers while they work. Let’s get started.

1. SimilarWeb – Traffic Rank & Website Analysis

similar web - best chrome extensions for digital marketers

SimilarWeb is a popular and best chrome extensions for digital marketers. It’s a great tool by which you can see any website traffic and key metrics, including engagement rate, traffic ranking, keyword ranking, and traffic source. 

With just a click of a button, this extension gives you complete insights into any website’s statistics and strategy as you’re browsing. This extension also helps you to get in-depth traffic and engagement statistics for any website over the web. 

Have you spent your time to find out the traffic sources on a specific website? Just relax, it also helps you to find out the main traffic sources of a specific website. 

It is a complete analytical tool for a digital marketer.

install now button similar web

2. Grammarly

grammarly - best chrome extensions for digital marketers

Grammarly is one of the most popular Chrome extensions over the web. This extension helps you to write error-free content. 

This extension pulls from over 250 potential errors to check every aspect of your writing, including grammar and spelling. It doesn’t impact a good impression if you write an email incorrectly to your client or others. 

The extension helps you to write fabulous error-free writing. It boosts the confidence for that critical client email you’re about to send and is a must-have for digital marketing services. 

It works fine on every website and has various other awesome features if you go for premium versions.

install now button grammarly

3. Check my links

check my links - best chrome extensions for digital marketers

Check My Links is a great tool that scans your entire webpage and gives you a quick report on any valid or invalid links. The green color shows the link is valid and red color shows the link is invalid or broken. 

We all know Content is the king in the marketing world. So if you’re in the weeds of managing your company’s blog or other long-form content, chances are you have a number of links in them. 

The broken link in your website or blog creates a huge impact on your ranking. Check My Links saves your time by checking every link works one by one. 

This extension helps you to fix the broken or dead links quickly.

install now button check my links

4. Favorite Keys

favourite keys - best chrome extensions for digital marketers

Favorite keys is one of the best and productive chrome extensions for digital marketers. Digital marketers have to manage various links to the webpages of their clients. 

They face problems while organizing all links of their client’s pages separately. This extension helps you to organize your all client’s pages separately with tags. 

Tags help you to retrieve the webpages easily. You can customize the tags as per your own choice like (#jeniferblog, #mail, #clientdata, etc). I personally used this extension and it’s very useful for me.

install now button favourite keys

5. SEOquake

seo quake - best chrome extensions for digital marketers

SEOquake is a really awesome free chrome extension that provides you a quick SEO report of a webpage. It provides you with key SEO metrics, along with other helpful tools such as SEO Audit and many other features. 

The SEO bar is an additional toolbar placed at the top of the browser window, and it shows the core metrics – a number of which can be customized. When you visit any webpage it’s toolbar shows all the information. 

Also, you can get comprehensive reports for a particular page you are analyzing. SEOquake has other helpful features, including, the SEO Audit tool, Internal/External Link analysis, the Keyword Density report, and even social metrics. 

It really provides a quick report which is very useful to any digital marketers. It is a perfect chrome extension for digital marketers.

install now button seoquake

6. Ghostery

ghostery - best chrome extensions for digital marketers

Tracking plays a vital role in Digital Marketing. Almost every marketer knows the exact way of tracking works. We are always curious to see what our competitors and other businesses are doing and who are looking into us on the internet. 

Who is copying our strategies? Ghostery will help you to show the trackers, pixels, bugs, and beacons that companies place on pages. 

With the help of this extension, you can easily identify who is tracking you from Facebook or Google and get links to businesses’ privacy policies where you can choose to opt-out.

install now button ghostery

7. Keywords Everywhere

keywords everywhere- best chrome extensions for digital marketers

Keywords Everywhere is a free chrome extension that gives you data on search volume, average CPC, and competition metrics (e.g. estimate number of advertisers running ads on Google for the keyword) based on data over 16 websites e.g. Google Search, YouTube, Google Keyword Planner, Google Analytics, Amazon, eBay, Bing.

It is an excellent free alternative to put in your keyword research arsenal. You can easily improve your content by its Plenty of info on your keywords, related keywords, and other search queries.

install now button keywords everywhere

8. Easy Mail

Easy mail -best chrome extensions for digital marketers

Easy Mail is one of the best extensions for digital marketers. As digital marketers, we know well how email marketing is beneficial to us. We have to draft various emails for our various campaigns. 

This extension will helps you to draft emails easily and quickly. It is very intelligent to learn your favorite words and numbers. The best part of this extension is that it works offline. This extension works on Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo mail. 

If you want to write emails in Spanish then you can use this extension to draft emails in Spanish. It is lighter and smarter than other extensions.

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9. Email Hunter

email hunter - best chrome extensions for digital marketers

Extracting emails from various webpages is time-consuming and tough for digital marketers. Email Hunter helps you to find an email from across the whole web with one simple click. 

How many times did it happen to you that you just wanted to know the contact email of a website? Sometimes, it was hard to extract or maybe it was not there at all. 

Email Hunter will give you an email back within a few seconds. It even tries to verify it and lets you know the confidence level of how likely the email is still working. 

This chrome extension even works wonders on LinkedIn. But, only Premium Members of Linkedin can send InMail to people outside their network. 

Email Hunter will quickly detect the email and you can contact them easily. Email Hunter is free for up to 150 email requests per month.

install now button email hunter

Final Notes:-

I hope you like this article. By installing these best chrome extensions, you can easily increase your productivity while working. 

As a digital marketer, we always want to automate our work to save our precious time. These extensions will really save your precious time and uplift your digital marketing skills. 

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Please, Let me know your opinions and experiences below with this article. I would love to hear from you. Also, don’t forget to bookmark this page for getting interesting articles. Have a good day!

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