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Capitalizing on Live Streaming to Increase Your Visibility and Engagement

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Video content marketing or live streaming has gradually become one of the most preferred marketing methods. And why it shouldn’t be? 

It is more effective, engaging and shareable! According to a research report, 92% of marketers who use video say that it’s an important part of their marketing strategy and 95 percent of marketers are planning to maintain or increase the video budget in 2020. 

Online live video streaming has become increasingly popular in the last few years for marketing purposes and delivering live events into smartphone screens. The live streaming industry is expected to gain a valuation of around $70 billion by 2021. 

An efficient live streaming strategy can boost marketing initiatives to a large extent while opening new business avenues and boosting the revenue of your business. Here are a few points that you can include in your live streaming strategy to boost visibility and engagement.

1. Chalk out a schedule

It is essential to chalk out a well thought out schedule that is designed to gain greater visibility and maximize engagement. For instance, you can start your live video campaign with a topic that is the trending news of your industry. 

Talk about the topic in detail and make it an explanatory video to engage viewers. The idea is to let viewers derive some information as value for your live feed. 

Subsequently, in the next video, you can do a discussion with an influencer or an industry veteran on any general topic concerning your industry to might attract the attention of a larger set of audience. With two sessions you have already engaged your viewers and they know what value you can deliver through your live streaming session. 

Now, you can scale up the streaming session by hosting a live question and answer session to attract more relevant engagement. After the end of each session, you can study user analytics to understand what users like to incorporate their preferences. 

You can easily delight the audience by including their preferences and make them a loyal audience. By leveraging these tactics, you can easily establish yourself as a leading thought leader in your industry. 

This way, your audience will always actively participate in your live streaming sessions for valuable information.

2. Increase engagement 

Live videos are the best video to make your brand interact directly with the target audience. It helps in easily growing the audience base for better engagement. 

You can kickstart the engagement by urging viewers to give their valuable feedback on your live stream platform. You can also enhance engagement by posing a question for the audience that they can respond through live chat and post their views in the comments section. 

Brands can also allow viewers to speak up and get recognized on the platform. Ask new viewers to type their name with a dedicated hashtag in the chat to help you recognize them and greet them by their first name. 

This will evolve a sense of bonding with the viewers.

3. Leverage actionable insights

After running a few live streaming sessions, it is time to leverage data analytics to churn out actionable insights for a more streamlined strategy. Study the viewer data carefully to understand what is working and what is not working for your brand.

OTT providers either provide their own analytics tools or offer seamless integration with Google Analytics. Leverage these tools to identify key metrics including maximum and minimum users at a particular point in times, the number of average minutes viewed, average percent completion rate and how many people shared live streaming sessions among others.

A proper study of analytics will help gain context and visualize what type of video content is working best with the viewers so that you can focus more on your most valuable segments. Analytics will help you make data-driven decisions for content production to maximize visibility and engagement.

4. Select the right platform

Live streaming is not an old concept but it has become extremely popular among the audience. However, you still need to do proper research about which platform you should choose to live-stream your videos.

For personal use, there are many popular platforms including Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. However, if you are looking for a more secure and reliable platform then it is better to take the services of OTT Service Provider like Phando that offers end-to-end solutions reliably.

You can easily set up a channel on these platforms and start live streaming of videos. Here users can easily engage through live chats and comments without any security issues.

5. Social live streaming automation

However, social media still stays a powerful medium to reach a large audience. You can leverage social media tools including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube Live among others to maximize your viewer’s reach. 

You can substantially boost your social media user engagement through live streaming. You can leverage social live stream automation tools to live stream your videos on multiple social media platforms at the same time. 

These tools enable brands to upload a particular video and live stream it on all social media platforms at the same time. You get the option to preschedule these live streaming sessions, start the live cast automatically and run them live multiple times. 

Live streaming automation tools enable businesses to live stream video content without having to be live in real-time on any social media platform. Aside, it can be leveraged without any technical expertise.

6. Predict trends

People in the business of content always need to stay connected with what is trending on social media. It is not possible to always create video content that everyone will like. 

Hence, it is essential to gauge what kind of content users are interested in at a particular point in time. Live streaming of trending content can help you gain more visibility and engagement in real-time on social channels. 

Talking about trending issues will also make your content more relatable and shareable. 

Hope, above-mentioned points, would help drive greater visibility and engagement through live video streaming.

Contributed by Colleen R. Sylvia, the editor at QA InfoTech – Your Software Testing Partner.

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