Top 6 Payment Gateways That You Can Use For Your New e-commerce Website

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What Is A Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is a merchant service, an e-commerce application service provider provides it to the user. The provider authorizes the credit cards (that can be easily generated on Credit Card Generator) or direct payments processing for e-business, online retailers, bricks and clicks, or traditional brick and mortar. 

A bank usually provides the payment gateway to its customers. But, given that it is a separate service, it is also possible to be provided by a specialized financial service provider. 

The applications mentioned below are the top six payment gateways one can use for e-commerce websites.

1. PayUmoney

The PayUmoney is an award-winning payment gateway. The award was for its innovative and modern technology, which solved a lot of problems that were faced by the other portals. It is a branch of the company PayU India. 

It is a payment solution for people and unregistered enterprises in India. It is a payment gateway for websites and purposes. 

A lot of companies both registered and unregistered opt for this mode of payment. One of the most important reasons why PayUmoney is successful is that it does not require the user to give any document to get their business started.  

2. Square

Be it an individual or a chain of international restaurants, Square is known to have helped everyone. One can very easily get paid faster with Square’s secure payment processing solutions as it gives an option to its customers to acquire mobile credit card payment. 

They have the tools to help anyone sell online. It is especially beneficial for those who already have their physical shop and want to extend it to online selling. 

Square is a little high priced compared to a lot of other payment gateways. But there is no monthly fee that one needs to pay for adding the square payment gateway to the website.

3. Amazon payments 

Amazon Pay is an online payment service owned by the famous Amazon Company, which was launched in 2007. It has been found that Amazon Pay is one of the most user-friendly payment options of all time. 

This is mainly because it allows its users to pay using their current information on Amazon. 

Amazon payment provides users with a straightforward and familiar environment. 

The transactions are completed on the site that we want. People want everything to be available on their phones. 

While this is not the case for a lot of payment gateways, Amazon pay is available across devices. 

4. Simplify commerce 

With an astounding number of 1.6 billion customers, simplify commerce strives to be one of the most popular online payment gateways available and the UK’s largest digital commerce technology recruitment specialist. The key feature of this is that it allows customization during payment. 

This means that a customer can make the payment using MasterPass, Android, or Apple Pay. If as a merchant you have set up your store, all you have to do is sync it, and you can start selling across various platforms. 

5. Google Pay 

Be it sending money to loved ones or paying a friend or recharging or making a payment, Google Pay has it all. It is like a digital wallet platform that also gives you online payment services. 

Industry giants like Airbnb and StubHub have already included Google Pay to their payment option. Because of the most recognizable name, people are already getting familiar with it. 

Just by gaining access to the API and by adding it to the site, one is ready to use Google Pay as soon as a few tests are run. Google Pay protects the money with a world-class security system.

6. Instamojo 

Instamojo falls in the list of one of the best payment gateways of India. It powers more than 2,20,000 small businesses including micro-entrepreneurs, startups, MSMEs, to start, manage, and grow their business online across mobile and web. 

It is free to use and takes only a couple of minutes to be set up. Incidentally, it does not support international payments or credit cards, rather, it supports only the Indian currency. 

They take up to three days to complete the transaction, and they do not charge anything when one withdraws cash. Once you are signed up, you can start collecting payments using links via Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Email, and SMS.

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