How You Can Ensure Quality Internet During Work From Home

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WFH or Work from Home is the new norm in most of the industries right now. The pandemic took everyone by surprise, and most of us are stuck at home with our laptops trying to earn our minimum wage. WFH requires a good & stable internet connection. 

But due to various reasons, the connection drops, and you get disconnected from that all-important meeting with your boss. And trust me, never miss that all-important meeting with your boss, or else you would have to start looking for another job. 

To get Admin Login, Username & Password use the given link. Here, I will give you some tips on having an uninterrupted internet connection during Work from Home.

Finding the perfect internet connection & plan

First things first, find the best internet service provider in your area. Usually, you get around one or two brands. 

The most prominent brands in this market right now are Jio & Airtel. You could opt for local brands as well. 

But the plans offered currently by these giants throw any competition out of the window. Thoroughly compare the plans between the network providers and finalize one which best suits your needs. 

In my locality, JioFiber gives the best connection, and I am on their silver plan.

Restrict Unnecessary Internet Usage

In any household, if there exists a Wi-Fi connection, everyone uses it. This could lead to network speed decreasing during the working hours. 

Most of the plans provided are unlimited internet plans, but if you select the limited plan, the speed decreases after the threshold usage. Tell your family not to use the Wi-Fi during your working hours or even better, get a personal Wi-Fi for work.

Figuring out the place with the best speed

At times, the speeds in the household can vary due to some reason or another. So figure out the room where you get the best connection & speed and make it your workspace. 

The best room would be the one where you have a modem. If you move away from that room, the signal and speed will decrease. This could lead to a loss of connection. 

Connecting the laptop to the modem

Connecting the laptop to the modem via Ethernet cable, this is said to give the best output based on results. Ethernet cable is said to be more reliable when compared to a Wi-Fi connection. 

I like my workspace to be organized and hassle-free, and this doesn’t contribute to that. So if you are comfortable with a bunch of wires in your vicinity, you should try this method.

Calling the representatives

The simplest & easiest way of handling network issues is to call an expert or representative to fix it. They will know exactly what the problem is and will give you a solution for it. 

Most representatives don’t charge anything for consultation, but if they do, it’s not more than 100 or 200 Rupees. Usually, the simplest way is the best way.

Mess with the modem

Viewer discretion this method can lead to you buying a new modem. If you Google about modem hacks, you can get a ton of articles or videos about boosting your signal. 

One of these methods is covering the antenna of the modem with Aluminum foil to boost the signal. I have never tried this method, but from the feedback, they say it works.

Open space

As we all know, the signals given out by the modem are circular, and the diameter keeps increasing as they move away from the modem. A closed space will not help these signals. 

You cannot keep your modem in a closed environment and expect a good signal, give it some space to breathe. Keep it in an open space, maybe the living room, and you could see it do wonders.

Getting a better router

Most of the time, the problem lies inside the modem itself. Extensive usage over some time could lead to the modem losing its power. 

If this happens, get a new modem from either the E-commerce portals like Flipkart or Amazon or contact the representative. The better option would be contacting the representative because the modem you buy might not be compatible with your connection.

Reset the modem

Another one of the simple ways of getting rid of internet issues is resetting the modem. The modem will have a button usually at the rear-end with which one could reset it. 

Resetting, it will wipe off all the user changes. It will be the modem that was just manufactured but with some dust on it. 

Updating the firmware

Yes, modems do have firmware in them. Most of the time, the firmware is updated silently in the background while we are occupied with our lives. 

Finding out the modem model number and relevant updates could help the modem better bear the internet connection & speed. 

If none of these Jugaads or solutions work, the time has come for you to get a better connection from a different internet service provider. Stay home, stay safe. 

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