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Social Distancing Shouldn’t Stop You From Holding a Birthday Party

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Here are three ways how  

As the widespread havoc of COVID-19 has changed every usual thing, a birthday party has become a dream now. We can’t let our special day slip. 

As mundane as your daily routines may seem to be now, this exceptional moment surely needs a birthday party. Adhering to social distancing with other restrictions is mandatory to ensuring our safety. 

In such dreadful situations, is there any way we can have fun and celebration? Yes! There are plenty of ideas to celebrate birthday parties excitingly that will fulfill your desire for a fun-filled celebration. 

Think of a unique plan to surprise the birthday celebrant with an extraordinary party like no other and watch their immensely happy smile and believe me, you will find yourself on cloud nine! 

Brainstorm your ideas, blend opinions, collaborate with your buddies, and create a party that the celebrant will cherish until the end of time. One such example of an out-of-the-box birthday party that took place in Georgia was honking horns at the same time to wish a happy birthday to a birthday girl as she was disappointed by the cancellation of her party. 

This unique idea was her mother’s, who rallied her neighbors to bring their cars around the house. Surprised by numerous cars honking and waving at her, the girl’s beautiful reaction will curve your lips into a smile. Likewise, prepare a party that will win hearts. 

To help you prepare an outlandish party, we have assembled some trendy and crazy ideas which will capture the celebrant’s heart. The ideas include both ways if you are hosting your birthday party with or if you are celebrating a surprise party for your loved one.     

1. Go virtual

With the technology that helps man travel to Mars, holding a virtual super hit party is no wonder, but your freakish ideas will make it superb. Some main things to remember while hosting a virtual birthday party are as follows.   

  • Decorations: 

Make sure your virtual party area is decorated well with a theme that you love. If you are planning a surprise party, then ask the attendees to decorate the places as per the favorite theme of the birthday boy/ girl. The theme can be anything like Disney World, Harry Potter, etc.  

  •  Bake together:

Join in a call, and bake together to celebrate a hit ‘bring your cake party.’ Baking together on screens is also endless fun! It’s worth your time! Pull your friend’s leg, laugh merrily, and have fun while icing the cake. If you are planning a surprise one, then make sure you hire the most delicious bakery to deliver a mouth-watering cake at your friend’s doorstep.  

  • Put your minds together and play:  

Arrange for games that are fun-to-do. Choose some crazily fun games according to the choice of the celebrant like free fire, ludo, and much more. If you can’t think of any, or you didn’t plan any, then don’t worry! Dumb Charade and Pictionary will suit them best.    

  • Enjoy your favorite live-performance: 

A party performer will add more glory to your virtual party. A pianist, singer, comedian, guitarist, magician, and anyone that will make your party more jovial. Just book and have fun like never before.  

We are sure that all these ideas will present you with memories you will cherish.  

2. Escape room birthday party or, virtual theater   

  • Are you looking for something more outlandish and fun-to-do? Great! We have some freakish ideas too! Order your favorite snacks, and settle down for a home theater movie, and watch it together with your birthday boy/girl and friends. Many apps now allow you to watch together, even if you are in the North Pole and your friend is in the South Pole. Plugin your headphones, munch on your snacks and have fun. Book this theater and astonish your friend with his/her favorite movie.  
  • Thinking about what an escape room party is? Well, one word to define it is, fun. Escape rooms adventures are based on an interesting storyline, and the story has a mystery waiting to be unraveled. You are locked in a room, and you have 60 minutes to crack the mystery using clues and puzzles lying in the room and not to forget that the room is designed ravishingly beautiful according to the theme. 
  • The exciting themes can be action-adventure, survival horror, horror, heist, murder mystery, historic mystery, and much more. Due to COVID, the escape games function online. You can simply search and book your themed birthday party online, and they will conduct the game virtually with no chaos and confusion. Get ready for an adventure that will fill your heart with fun. This distinctive party will leave your celebrant wonderstruck with the amount of fun they had.          

3. Out-door party 

Missing out-door birthday parties and picnics? Well, we have something to fulfill your craving while sticking to social distancing, and we hope you will love it! Pick a location and ask your friends to drive-in there. 

Put on your masks, carry sanitizers, accelerate your car, and reach the spot. Remember safety rules and stay in the car. Have a hearty conversation with your friends, give away the birthday presents, share and enjoy the home-made snacks and have fun.  


Birthdays are always special, and there is the need to celebrate them in a way that makes the celebrants’ eyes to twinkle with joy and contentment. Even in this situation of despair and dread, you can fill your loved one’s birthday party with jubilation and joy. 

We are sure that our mind-blowing ideas would have created a wind of new ideas in your mind causing unbearable excitement and thrill! Follow these ideas and make unforgettable memories in the lives of your loved one and obviously, yours too.      

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