6 Benefits of Using the Latest Plugins for Your E-Commerce Store

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If you can treat your brick and mortar shop with the utmost care, then your e-commerce store deserves no less. One way to ensure you keep your online store up to date with the best online practices is by updating the plugins on your website. 

Woocommerce is one of the plugin providers for WordPress and the best provider of e-commerce plugins. Some of these plugins include:

Woocommerce shop as a customer

This plugin allows you to examine the UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) of your e-commerce store. This is a better way to assess how well your e-commerce store is faring. With this plugin, you can switch and view your e-commerce store.

Woocommerce email order

Most e-commerce websites permit customers to place their orders directly on their websites and apps for quick service delivery. However, your customers can place orders via email if you activate this plugin.

Woocommerce WhatsApp order

WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging platform in the world. It recently launched its “WhatsApp Business” option. 

However, that feature is no match for the Woocommerce WhatsApp plugin. This plugin allows customers to place orders via WhatsApp.

Woocommerce price by country

Pricing can be difficult especially if you are dealing with different countries. To help you curb this issue, the Woocommerce price by the country plugin will help you sort out the various prices of different goods in your store. 

It will do the exchange and provide customers with the correct price according to the currency of their countries.

Woocommerce mix and match

The Woocomerce mix and match plugin will help e-Commerce stores that deal with gifts or gifting. This plugin allows customers to combine several products into one product. 

You can add a box of chocolate, a bunch of flowers, a bottle of wine, etc to a basket of gifts (one product). Instead of customers having to buy the products as separate items, they can now buy them as one product.

Wocommerce name your price

E-commerce has taken away some aspects of traditional commerce. One of such is the thrill of haggling over the prices of goods. With the Woocommerce name your price plugin, you can reenact this feature. 

This plugin allows customers to input the price they want to pay for a particular product. If the price is within the price range, the order will be processed. If the price is outside the price range, an “error” message will be displayed.

Many people often wonder the reason for using the latest WooCommerce plugins for the e-commerce store. Well, here are some reasons.

To ensure more efficient e-commerce operation

This is the basis of every plugin release or update. Plugins like the Woocommerce mix and match help you match customers to the products they will most likely desire. 

The Woocommerce WhatsApp plugin also makes it easy for customers to place an order via WhatsApp. All these make it possible to save even more time and resources while operating an e-commerce store.

To help you adapt to changes

The digital world is fast changing. What applied a week or two ago may not apply today. These plugins are updated to help you meet up with these changes. 

Search engines like Google are great determinants of traffic flow to your e-commerce store. They often update their algorithms to serve web users better. An outdated plugin may hamper your SEO ranking without you knowing. 

Security plugins are very necessary as new security threats pop up every day. When you fail to update your plugin, you are putting the security of your online store at grave risks.

Considering that you are dealing with private and financial information, you cannot afford to gamble with security.

For better automation

One of the major benefits of plugins is the automation of certain tasks. Forms, email CMS, and many others make it very easy to do a repetitive task. 

Plugins make it possible for you to efficiently run your e-commerce store via automation. As technology advances, developers are discovering more tasks that can be automated. 

You will miss out on these opportunities if you fail to update your plugins. One of such recent automated features is the schedule post feature, that makes it easy to schedule a web post where the plugin will upload your post at the time and date you want it to upload.

To help you meet the demands of your customers

The changes that take place in the digital world is driven by the changes in the demands of web users who are also your customers. By not updating your plugins, you are going against the demands of your customers. 

When you do not meet the demands of your customers, you will lose them to the competition. No customer will settle for your e-commerce store when you are at par with a competitor, who offers the WhatsApp order feature unlike you. 

You will also be missing out on potential sales if your e-commerce store does not suggest related items to your customers.

To enable additional features on your e-commerce store

The user interface is another driving force as regards the changes in the digital world because it relates to the demands of the customers. The CMS alone cannot work to give a premium user interface. 

Certain plugins make the user interface of your e-commerce store even more alluring. The edge you have over the competition may just be the different features your online store offers. 

Light and dark modes are fast becoming a thing amongst web users. There has been a long-standing debate over which model is best or the one web users mostly prefer.

To solve this problem, the application introduced the option to select the light or dark mode. Features such as these are possible because there are plugins to support them.

Plugins are very important for every website and online store. An update usually comes with a new feature that the existing plugin lacks. 

It will be in your best interest to update the plugins of your e-commerce store. It can be done by updating the same plugin or switching to another compatible one that meets your needs.

Contributed by Junaid Ali Qureshi, an e-commerce entrepreneur with a passion for emerging tech marketing and e-commerce development. Some of his current ventures include Progos Tech (an
Woocommerce mix and match),, Titan Tech, and Smart Marketing.

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