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How a Mobile App Can Help You Market Your Business

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For your business to thrive in this highly competitive global market, your employees must be freed from bottlenecks and distractions, which you can enhance and maximize by using the relevant mobile app The primary aim of setting up a business is to make a profit; to ensure you meet up with this target, your customers must derive satisfaction from your product or service. 

Mobile apps among other devices have a big role to play in the new normal; taking into consideration the drastic changes COVID-19 has brought to bear on businesses and our daily activities. Your focus must be on how to make sure that your employees are optimally productive. 

Here’s a staggering fact. In 2023, mobile apps are projected to generate more than 935 billion U.S. dollars in revenues via paid downloads and in-app advertising, according to Statista.

That’s a lot of money passed around to the millions of apps on the market. Here’s another staggering fact: you don’t have an app right now.

Thing is, you should learn how to build a mobile app. It’s a lot easier than it was when the concept was first introduced. Today, companies like BuildFire offer detailed instructions and quality assurance to create and test a new application. 

On top of this, mobile apps are powerful marketing tools that boost income and visibility. To learn more here are a few ways a mobile app helps you market your business.

Shows you as technologically savvy

When you launch a mobile application that’s well-created, people take notice of the action. This leads to word-of-mouth promotion of your technological prowess. 

As a result, you gain an extra layer of acceptance from consumers. Not only are you a smart entrepreneur but you also know that technology keeps you competitive.

It increases your online presence

More and more, commerce is becoming eCommerce. Businesses do more online than ever before. They build websites, utilize social media, and blog. 

You’ve done this as well. Yet, the creation of mobile app ups your game. 

It puts you in stores for Android and Apple devices. Then, when the app is downloaded, you have a presence on the customer’s phone or tablet. 

While the app may be the sub-page of a smart device at first, its frequent use can move it to the home screen.

Offers for first-time users

Websites use giveaways like eBooks to get people to create an account or sign up for their mailing list. 

You can do this with your mobile app, but it’s better to offer something more substantial for first-time users. For instance, if your business is a cafe, you might want to offer a coupon for free delivery. 

Someone in the writing world could give away an hour of free consultation. Make it something that won’t break your budget.

Create App-only items

When you create a subscription-based service on your website, those who sign-up receive unique items not available with the basic package. You should do something similar to your mobile app. 

In this case, you don’t want to have a separate subscription level. Instead, everything you add to the application should be unique to those who use it. 

It provides another avenue of information that increases your customer base.

You can receive awards

Awards are given out to well-designed applications from a variety of organizations. What they look at depends on their qualifications. 

Businesses are awarded for an outstanding User Interface and User Experience (UI and UX). 

Others receive awards depending on the type of content available. 

An award is an enormous marketing boost. It represents recognition not only from the application’s users but the entire industry. 

When people see that you have one of the highest ratings, they’ll start to download your app with increasing speed. As you see, there are several ways that a mobile app can help you market your business. 

What would take long hours and a large budget to accomplish can be done with several downloads and positive reviews. As a result, you’re able to increase your customer base while also saving money for investment back into your company. 

Are you ready to create an app? Start slow and plan things out. 

Focus on the pain point you want to resolve with the customer. When you’ve completed the coding, make sure the app is run through a quality assurance tool to maximize seamless operations.

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