9 Best SEO Strategies For Your Web Business

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Traffic (web visitors) is the second most significant reason for having a website. It is only behind sales and conversion in the ranking. 

Some experts even rate traffic as the first because it determines online sales and conversions. Although it does not translate to sales, traffic increases the chances of sales and conversions.

Search engines are one of the major sources of organic traffic. Most web users often turn to them for directions when searching for information, products, or services. 

This is because search engines always offer trustworthy sources of information. To make search engines refer to you as a legitimate source of information, you have to meet certain criteria.

These criteria set by search engines ensure that web users get the best-related results. The term search engine optimization or SEO simply means meeting the criteria set by search engines. 

There are practical steps any web user can use to appear as a top search result. Here 9 best SEO strategies for your web business.

Improve user experience

This is what search engines do. You should also do the same and focus on how to satisfy web visitors. 

Optimizing the navigation of your webpage is one way to improve the user experience. With optimized navigation, web users can access your website with ease.

Use the three-click menu button approach when designing your menu. You should also sort your menu and arrange only related items under the same sub-menu. 

A better user experience means a lower bounce rate. A lower bounce rate increases your SERP rating.


Create mobile-friendly websites

Some experts are even of the opinion that website operators should create a mobile-first website. This is not an oversight considering the statistics. 

It is proven that 92.6 percent of people access the internet using mobile devices like phones and tablets. Without mobile optimization, phone users may not get the best user experience.

Optimize your website to shrink to the size of smaller screens without looking awkward. You can also design or develop your website to have mobile and desktop versions. 

You can also use the Woocommerce shop as a customer plugin to preview your website after making the necessary changes.

Link new content to existing related webpages

Backlinks are necessary for your website as they constitute the SEO criteria. However, most web operators are getting it wrong by using only authoritative links as backlinks. 

You should also link new content to existing web pages. For example, you can link content on designing an eCommerce store to previous content on Woocommerce mix and match.

It boosts your website SEO and drives traffic to the already existing webpage. Most website operators who claim this strategy does not work either abuse it or do not know how to use it. 

They just link new content to old content even when they do not share any similarities. They do not even insert these links naturally.

Optimize page loading speed

When you create a document on your computer, it shows the size of that computer. This means that the document contains space. 

The same applies to your website. For every plugin, image, written content that you add to your webpage, you increase its size. The bigger the size, the slower it will take to load.

To.increase the loading speed of your website, you have to lighten the load. Reduce the image size before uploading it. 

Some content management systems (CMSs) automatically optimize images before uploading them. Do not install multiple plugins with the same features.

Develop helpful and high-quality content

There is an ongoing debate on which type of content gets the most traffic. Some experts argue that it is short-form content. According to them, people do not want to read epistles on the internet. 

Other experts claim that its long-form content because they contain adequate information about the subject matter.

Despite the various claims, search engines show that useful contents remain the best. Search engines will rate a blog post about SEO tools for the keyword “the best SEO tools” more than a webpage marketing an SEO tool. 

Search engines understand that the web user is seeking information, not a product. When developing content, ensure that they provide solutions.

Optimize written content

Copywriters are not often appreciated. Some website operators want to write copies even when they do not know the best content writing practices. 

Clustering content is harmful to your SEO. Your content should be concise and ensure free flow in reading.

When writing copies, work with h1, h2, and h3 tags. Also use bullet points, bold and italic to highlight necessary information. All these features create the necessary breaks. 


Written content should not be disjointed. They should be related, with each new sentence showing a relationship with the previous one. 

Also, allow white spaces and do not cover every inch of the webpage with written content.

Optimize page titles and meta description

Even when you do the right things, your click-through rate (CTR) may also fall short of your expectations. This is because you do not give web users enough directions on how to locate your website. 

Meta descriptions are snippets of what to expect when visiting a webpage. Without meta descriptions, web users will have to click every link in search results. Search engines also use meta descriptions to rank search results.

To increase your off-page SEO, ensure to write a meta description for every webpage on your website. The meta description should give web users an idea of what to expect if they visit your website or webpage. 

It should be simple and direct. The same applies to page titles. Write page titles like you are answering the questions of web users.

Combine keywords and insert them naturally

Keywords are very essential for general web content. If the content is properly developed, it will contain the necessary keywords. 

However, there is often a need to do keyword research and identify additional keywords. These keywords should be added naturally to written content. 

It is best to consider them when developing content from the start than as an afterthought. This will help you insert the keywords naturally.

Also include the keywords in your title and meta descriptions. Regarding the type of keywords to use, there are no limitations. 

You can combine long-tail keywords, mid-tail keywords, and short-tail keywords effectively. Remember to consider them while developing the article and insert them naturally.

Incorporate voice and image search

Voice and image searches are the latest trends. Web users are working with voice assistants to get answers on the internet. 

It is also easier to search for something on the internet using a picture of it than having to go and identify what is on the picture. To this end, search engines are offering special benefits to websites that use image and voice searches. 

To use voice search, you have to make certain changes.The queries will be as though you are answering a question. 

Instead of adding “The best SEO strategies for your web business”, you will add “What are the best strategies for your web business?” Most voice search users search for answers by asking keywords, unlike regular web users who just input keywords.

Incorporate multimedia content properly

The term “content” is not limited to written content alone. It also involves multimedia content. Most web operators abuse the use of multimedia content. 

Others do not use it at all. They just add a picture at the top of the content and fill the rest parts with written content. 

This is not good enough. You should incorporate multimedia into your content and do it properly.

Add multiple images at strategic places (to optimize them). Infographics are better substitutes for images. 

When adding audio or audio-visual content, embed them to your website instead of uploading them. Remember to remove the autoplay feature and let web users decide when to play them.

These are nine of the best SEO strategies for your web business. They are simple and they are also actionable.

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