Tips to Get More Engagement for Your Website

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There are times when you have tried all you can but cannot seem to get engagement for your website. It’s even worse if the website is getting traffic, but there is no engagement to harness the traffic. 

There are various ways to go about website engagement. However, it is important to understand what website engagement is before learning tips to get more engagement for your website.

What is Website Engagement?

Website engagement is the process where web users interact with a webpage. It includes taking a call to action like subscribing to a newsletter, paying for a product or service. Analytical tools measure engagement by the time frame web users spend on a webpage.

Tips to increase website engagement

Web owners and operators know that the major proof of engagement is the use of taking the call to action. This is particular about the eCommerce store developed using the WooCommerce mix and match plugin. 

It does not matter how long web users spend on a webpage; it will not matter if they do not take the call to action. This does not in any way cancel out the importance of time spent on the website.

Besides, it is when web users spend time on your website that they are encouraged to take the call to action. To ensure both (time spent and conversation), use the following tips to increase user engagement on your website.

Incorporate social media


Sometimes, you have to act like the Woocommerce Smart Coupons plugin and see things from the perspective of your target audience. Social media offer more interaction than search engines.

The latest global social media statistics show that there are 3.78 billion social media users in 2021, which is about 48 percent of the current world population

You can use social media to promote engagement by sharing landing pages on social media. You can even use plugins like Woocommerce WhatsApp Order to close deals directly from WhatsApp. 

Many other plugins can help increase website engagement via social media platforms. Discover these plugins and properly utilize them.

Ensure the premium user experience


This is one aspect that you may also be getting wrong. No matter the type of establishment, every office has a required pattern. 

The reception, lobby, or waiting area is usually close to the door. The same applies to websites as certain features need not be compromised. 

Make your website user-friendly to ensure that web users can easily access every feature of your website. Start by using a prominent search bar. 

It should be very visible and accessible at almost every point in time. Also, opt for a floating menu button rather than a statutory one. 

When users can easily access your menu, they can also easily access the contents in your menu. Endeavor to group the items in your menu properly. 

Web users should be able to access all the items in your menu with no more than three clicks.

Flaunt your call-to-action (CTA)

If your website is getting the traffic, but you are not getting engagement, lack of a proper call to action may just be the cause. The call-to-action button is the final directive that will aid prospective customers to do what is necessary.

Lacking that directive can be detrimental to your website engagement. You can improve your website engagement by taking the necessary actionable tips.

First, never use here as your call to action. It is abominable, to say the least. Instead, use a keyword that is related to the call to action (product or service). 

Also, use buttons instead of links as your call to action. No rule states your call to action should appear once. You can use up to two calls to action if you are advertising on a content-based platform.

Adjust your brand voice to suit your target audience


Your target audience is the people you seek to please or delight. The best way to get their attention is to adjust your brand tone to suit them. 

While it is important to create a unique brand voice, it is even more important to create a brand voice that appeals to your audience. Understand the buyer persona of the people you want to reach and use the voice that will appeal to them. 

First, do not speak to everybody as it is virtually impossible to do so. Always speak to a specific audience. 

If your target audience is professionals or has a mid-level understanding of the subject matter, you can use technical terms when communicating with them. For laymen and individuals with little knowledge of your product or service, it is best to use very simple language and lots of close-to-home examples. 

Instead of talking about what your product or service does, discuss the challenges that need solving. You can then tell your target audience how your product or service can solve the problem.

Use the best SEO practice

This applies to websites that do not get any traffic at all. Research keywords related to the topic of discussion. 

Develop qualitative, innovative, and unique content. Insert backlinks on related keywords. Optimize the website loading speed to ensure the website loads faster. 

This practice will help you rank higher in SERP ratings and increase your chances at traffic.

Suggest related contents/products/services

This is also very important. At the end of every webpage, suggest related content, product, or service. Most users who are delighted with the content of the current webpage will most likely click on the related content.

These tips are actionable tips to increase engagement and ROI. They are certain to give website operators real-time results when used.

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