I have the pleasure of welcoming you to my blog, Nature Torch.

I will use this page to share some information about myself, my goals and why I have chosen to run this blog.

While a lot of bloggers say that passion is their main reason for running a blog — I understand that a blog like this goes, and should go beyond myself alone. The world that we live in today is our only home, and it baffles me that so many of us live in it without taking time to understand its structure, what it demands of us and how to treat it well. Without this desire to understand what mother nature wants from us, it’s undeniable that we are going to be ill-equipped with the knowledge and kindness required to take care of it — and for it to in turn take care of us.

About myself

I’m an Entrepreneur, Tech enthusiast, Digital Marketer, and a blogger with very serious interest in what we give to nature in order for nature to continue to accommodate us all, living and non-living alike to attain a state of equilibrium that is so much required.