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The Cambridge Analytica Scandal May Bridge the Gap Between The Traditional And Social Media

The social media and other online news sources otherwise known as the new media that came on board gave the traditional media a run for their money. To compound the whole problem, Facebook and Instagram started delivering content based on algorithms that matched consumers’ interests. This made the situation a bit more difficult for brands and news outlets to guarantee they reached their audiences.


How Artificial Intelligence(AI) Can Make Terrorism More Terrifying

One thing that has almost brought the whole world to its knees is terrorism. It has not spared any. It doesn’t recognize a developing and a developed country. It’s hitting everybody from the right, left, and center. Unfortunately, however, tech- businesses are trying to model Artificial Intelligence into extremely lethal weapons in the hands of terrorists.


How Microtargeting is Infringing on Your Privacy

Have you ever paused to wonder how some information and ads that are sent to you get to hit the nerves? The IoT has made it possible to use your demographic, psychographic, and other data to make up your predictive analytics all in the aim to get ads that are microtargeting you. Inasmuch as this may seem not to be harmful, the point is that your consent was not sought before all these information about you were released. Your privacy has been infringed and assaulted. How could this have been possible? How could someone have gotten all the dossier without your knowledge? The simple answer is social media. All those tidbits and harmless sorts of information you release while signing up for any brand of the social media are quietly collated and stored away to be used for the rainy day. Microtargeting which is also known as micro-niche targeting is all about personalizing ads to suit your taste so that you can easily be bought over. It’s ingenuity in market campaigning and you have to give it to them because it’s actually not an easy feat for somebody to launch a war that will see to it that you completely…

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Marketing Campaign: A Result Oriented Approach

An undeniable fact is that the global market is a very competitive one for any brand. The make it or mar it is your ROI and that depends on how you bring to fore your competitive advantage.   The statistics reporting that the failure rate of all U.S. companies after five years was over 50 percent, and over 70 percent after 10 years is by no little means frightening.   11 percent of these failures have been adduced to no knowledge of suppliers, wasted advertising budget, and carrying inadequate inventory. Some of the mistakes the management has made that brought about these failures were lack of clear focus and lack of market awareness.   Your brand’s market penetration hinges on how your product or service is accepted, which culminates in the ROI you are making. This practically is a determinant factor as to your brand becoming a household name and making the necessary waves in the market.   It will be detrimental, annoying, and suicidal if you allow all the time and resources you have put into planning as a startup disappear into thin air because you didn’t do a proper marketing campaign.   You will make good with the…

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5 Things that Can Bring About The Imminent Collapse of Your Business

Businesses come in shades and forms, but one thing that is irrevocably correct about any brand is that much effort, time, and resources are sunk in before any business can take a foothold.   All you need do is to take a look back to where you are coming from. As a startup or as a mega firm, it was the same process for most brands. The sleepless nights you had to go through, the stress, energy-sapping moments, and the running about you endured all in a bid to take off can never be written off.   You must have realized that it’s not everybody’s stuff and can be rather very heady since especially, you were able to overcome the mental hurdles that kept others at bay.   If the report that the failure rate of all U.S. companies after five years was over 50 percent, and over 70 percent after 10 years is anything to go by, then the fact that you are bracing the odds to kickstart your brand or that you have been able to survive the avalanche and myriads of onslaughts from right, left, and center should not be taken with a pinch of salt.  …

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