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Chatbots as Means to Creating Better Sentiment Analysis

For good sentiment analysis, you need data and tons of it. What better way to gather this data than through live-chatting up your customers and what better means than chatbots. Anybody into data analytics will want to tell you that social media has made the gathering of data relatively easy. However, the data you gather from this source can be misleading if you want to use it for sentiment analysis. Compared to decades ago when the only ways to gather insight on what customers wanted and how they felt about a brand were by knocking on their front door and asking, cold-calling them on their wall phone or sending them a survey with a self-addressed stamped envelope, the social media has brought about a revolution and deserves accolades for that. From any angle, you look at it, the job of gathering data before the advent of social media was labor intensive but the methods employed yielded accurate information. We can’t possibly go back to those days taking into consideration, the global population and technological advancements we can reap from. Taking social media monitoring (SMM) into account, it’s easy for you to conclude that today’s ready access to customer sentiment would…

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