Backdoor Encryption, An assault on Privacy

Facebook has certainly had its fair share of problems over the years, right from the Cambridge Analytica scandals to a host of other privacy issue related problems, which led to a lot of people deleting their accounts from the platform. Now that they have come up with a beautiful one, the end-to-end encryption that everybody should applaud, it’s a huge surprise that there is a concerted effort to stab privacy in the back through backdoor encryption. Salvos have been coming from all corners at end-to-end encryption. The surprising aspect of the whole thing is that these reactions are coming from largely unexpected quarters, that is those you thought would be very happy to fight cybercrime to a standstill.  The U.S. Attorney General William Barr in a reaction to the technology world says, “If the cops and Feds can’t read people’s encrypted messages, you will install backdoors for us, regardless of the security hit.” FBI head honcho Christopher Wray is not left out in the call for a backdoor, saying that the cops and Feds should be able to spy on end-to-end encrypted chats and the like. Also noteworthy is the fact that UK home secretary Priti Patel, US attorney general…

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