Blockchain Technology: How Tokens Will Change Healthcare

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay Blockchain technology has finally arrived and cryptocurrencies are becoming widely recognized and appreciated by the larger public. With this success, we’ve seen the price of ethereum and bitcoin reach new historical heights.  Investors are flocking the market to buy bitcoin with a credit card or any other means at their disposal. However, many people are still unfamiliar with the technology that made cryptocurrencies possible. Since the release of bitcoin, blockchain technology has progressed by leaps and bounds.  What was initially just a vessel for transferring digital cash over the internet has evolved into a trillion-dollar industry, with applications in a wide range of niches. In this article, we explore how advancements and applications of blockchain technology can improve healthcare, one of the most essential industries to human survival. First, let’s explore some of the basic properties of the tech, for those unfamiliar with its advantages. What is blockchain? We were first introduced to blockchain technology way back in 2009, with the release of the original cryptocurrency, bitcoin. It was originally intended for the exchange of digital cash in a decentralized manner, directly from one user to another. The distributed ledger of the blockchain records all the transactions on…

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