Zero-trust Strategy: How 1% Trust Could be a Mammoth Catastrophe

One basic mistake enterprises and organizations make is the premise that IT environments can be protected from malicious activities simply by making the perimeter bigger, stronger and more resilient. Also based on this premise and instead of a zero-trust, they go on to repose residual trust on employees without knowing that even 1% trust can hurt the system severely. If you have not already given it a thought, you must realize that your organization is becoming more threatened by malicious software. With the rapid increase in digitalization, you increase the number of internet connections which raises the likelihood of being attacked. If you somehow erroneously believe that you are not exposed to attacks or that you have not been attacked just like the ARC Advisory Group reported that 40% of companies surveyed stated that they have not experienced any cyber-incidents within the last 12 months, it’s very possible that you were simply were unable to identify all incidents in 2018.  If you make use of more intrusion detection solutions available globally today you will be able to expose more cyber incidents than were visible in the past. You may at the end come to the conclusion that you have been…

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