Choosing The Right Type of Water For Your Children

Although water contains no essential nutrients, it plays a vital role in a child’s health and development. Water makes up more than half the body weight in children and is also essential in the proper functioning of all the body parts. Which begs the question. What kind of water is fit for consumption by children?  Only water has the power to invigorate, quench, and purify your body. However, for decades, the marketers of the agri-food industry have praised the merits of multiple drinks, each more “thirst-quenching” and “energizing” than the last. Little by little, packaged waters, “fruit juices,” and countless lemonades have insidiously replaced the natural water essential to our health.  Often sweetened, these addictive drinks activate and promote the development of many diseases such as:  – Diabetes  – Hyperactivity  – Lack of concentration   – Allergies  – Obesity Habit gradually creates dependency. These ersatz drinks are now regularly consumed by increasingly young children in place of water. And yet, pure and living water promotes intracellular exchanges. It brings to the organism in a full charge of the children, vital energy, saving, and balancing.  The energizing effect of water promotes mineralization and the elimination of waste via the kidneys, the intestine,…

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