How to Avoid Buffering When Streaming Videos

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay  Internet streaming is an everyday common practice for almost every person. The technology of today has come to such a remarkable point that everything is at our fingertips because of smartphones, laptops, and computers.  Every tech-savvy or even just a regular user who streams videos on browsers, whether they are using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome faces some streaming problems on each browser while streaming even if its once in a blue moon. As online streaming has become a common pastime and people binge-watch TV show seasons thanks to Netflix and other streaming services. It is very frustrating when you are watching a movie or even a short video and your video starts buffering in between the watch session.  It ruins the immersion that you had in a movie or a TV show. If you want to watch videos in high resolution like 4K, you must first ensure that you have an internet plan with the speed that can support 4k video streaming.  You must choose Mediacom internet plans that fit within your budget and are capable of providing enough download speed that you can stream videos in the resolution you want.  These are the…

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