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Is CBD Oil Legal in 50 States of the USA? – 2020

Image by Julia Teichmann from Pixabay The controversy surrounding legal medical marijuana has effectively turned it into the most popular topic across the country. Continuous efforts are being advocated towards legalizing CBD in more states of the USA.  Virtually every American is curiously keeping up with the news about it and looking for the answers to questions such as: “Which state would be the next to fully legalize marijuana? Who will be the latest politician to introduce the bill for legalization? The U.S. is inundated with these politically debatable questions. The politics in the U.S. may be rightly said to have been centered on the legislation of marijuana as some states were won over based on this premise. This scenario could have played out in the 2016 election, which proved not to be the best of elections for many reasons but was probably the reason for the victory (legalization of recreational weed) in the four states of Maine, California, Nevada, and Massachusetts.  Before this time, Colorado and Washington had legalized it in 2012. And they were later, in 2014, joined by Alaska and Oregon to become a part of the group of legalized weed states. Vermont was to follow on their heels in…

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7 Areas Government Policies Could Affect the CBD Industry

The growth of the legal hemp industry has spun a new market with less legal bottlenecks. Short for Cannabidiol, CBD is a byproduct of the industrial cannabis plant that does not contain the THC, the cannabis property that gets consumers high. With a reported growth projection of $22 billion by 2022, the CBD industry is too big to sniff at. Everyone is interested in taking a bite of it. Analysts have called it the next gold rush, and it’s proving to be one. And the government is not looking away from it. In fact, in America, like in many other advanced countries, the government is deeply interested in the CBD industry. With the US government highly invested in the control of the CBD industry, expect to see policies impact its growth over time. Preparing towards these impacts can help the true entrepreneur better navigate the challenges the CBD industry will pose and build a thriving business out of it. 1. Distribution Even though the 2018 Farm Bill passed by President Trump legalizes the use and sale of CBD across all 50 states, the distribution of cannabis products is still under serious restrictions. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., on signing of…

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