Amazon Fires: A Big Setback in The Fight Against Climate Change

The Amazon fires in the Amazon Rain Forest, hundreds and possibly thousands of kilometers away. It’s possible you are in Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania or even in America far away from Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, etc that border the Amazon fires. Your mindset maybe it’s none of my business, It doesn’t bother me and I’m not affected. If that’s how you feel about the fires, you are in for a very terrible shock. For quite a number of years now, the talks have been global warming, greenhouse gases, emission of CO2, melting of icebergs, and climate change. Governments, agencies, world bodies, corporate organizations, and individuals have all been seeking out for ways to combat all these phenomena. Human, financial, and technological resources have been sunk into means and ways of averting the very dangerous outcomes and effects of these phenomena. And when we think we may be making some headway, out of the blues pops out the Amazon fires. Why should you take the Amazon fires seriously? The Amazon rainforest is by any standard, the world’s largest rainforest, spanning eight countries and covers 40% of South America. The World Wildlife Fund says that the Amazon rainforest is nearly the size…

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