How to Provide Excellent Customer Service

Marketing has gone customer-centric, the customer has eventually become king, businesses are listening and caring about where, how, and what the customer wants all in a bid to provide excellent customer service. According to a survey, companies which provide excellent customer service see their revenues grow 4-8% above the market. When it comes to deciding where to shop, 64% of people rate the quality of customer service as more important than price. Since we live in a digitally advancing age, everything we do to provide an excellent customer service must be done in line with the right modern-day, real-time customer support system. If you have such a customer support system in place, you are on your way to providing excellent customer service. The support system must be a multi-channeled, that offers great real-time customer support for businesses to grow sales and increase productivity. It  has to create an enabling environment for brands to get acquainted with their customers and provide excellent customer service as well as have developed the following great real-time packages: Live Chat A study by FurstPerson found that as many as 77% of customers won’t make a purchase on a website if there’s no live chat option…

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