Capitalizing On AI for Your Content Security

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay Based on the continually changing nature of technology and evergreen opportunities for content creation, content security can never be stagnant. It should be seen as a translational target in the global digital age.  Nothing makes this more relevant than the nature and dimension of cybersecurity threats as well as the need for digitized responses needed for trust and loyalty-building that are continually in a state of transformation as we transcend the radically changing digital workplace. However, the good news is that AI has come to secure your content at all endpoints. The security of your content commences by first securing access to any shared repository, from there you move on to particular folders, and lastly, to individual files stored within it. Your brand’s content management system(CMS) should customarily have in place security features and functions for maintaining access controls, this will ensure that only authenticated people and groups will have the authorization to access specified files. Implementing content-based security means you have enshrined a protection perimeter that will guard certain tasks that are carried out on your network, which could include who has the right to view, edit, email, download or print a piece of content. It can…

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