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Why Video Conferencing Will Disrupt The Marketing Landscape in 2021

Image by Jagrit Parajuli from Pixabay  Resilient marketing is the strategy; technology is the means; video conferencing is the way. Brands are finally evolving ways to emotionally resonate with audiences during these difficult times.  If you have not done so yet, there is the need to restrategize and make it clear that your brand is strong, understands the pain points of your customers especially during the pandemic, and is prepared to resolve their problems. One way brands have been interacting with their customers before the outbreak of coronavirus is through audio conferencing, but they are dropping that now for video conferencing.  This is to enable them to consolidate overlapping features and seek integrated communications. The resilient nature of marketing teams was what kept a lot of brands going during the pandemic.  They are increasingly building a marketing around collaboration tools, such as meeting applications that integrate voice; video conferencing, a platform for meeting, and screen sharing. This shouldn’t be a surprise since according to Nemertes’ recent “Visual Communications and Collaboration 2020-21 Research Study” of 528 organizations, more than 91% of organizations are using such apps now, and more than 61% adopted a new meeting app specifically to support working from home,  Though the…

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Social Distancing Shouldn’t Stop You From Holding a Birthday Party

Image by Please Don’t sell My Artwork AS IS from Pixabay Here are three ways how   As the widespread havoc of COVID-19 has changed every usual thing, a birthday party has become a dream now. We can’t let our special day slip.  As mundane as your daily routines may seem to be now, this exceptional moment surely needs a birthday party. Adhering to social distancing with other restrictions is mandatory to ensuring our safety.  In such dreadful situations, is there any way we can have fun and celebration? Yes! There are plenty of ideas to celebrate birthday parties excitingly that will fulfill your desire for a fun-filled celebration.  Think of a unique plan to surprise the birthday celebrant with an extraordinary party like no other and watch their immensely happy smile and believe me, you will find yourself on cloud nine!  Brainstorm your ideas, blend opinions, collaborate with your buddies, and create a party that the celebrant will cherish until the end of time. One such example of an out-of-the-box birthday party that took place in Georgia was honking horns at the same time to wish a happy birthday to a birthday girl as she was disappointed by the cancellation of her party. …

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