9 Best SEO Strategies For Your Web Business

Image by Shahid Abdullah from Pixabay Traffic (web visitors) is the second most significant reason for having a website. It is only behind sales and conversion in the ranking.  Some experts even rate traffic as the first because it determines online sales and conversions. Although it does not translate to sales, traffic increases the chances of sales and conversions. Search engines are one of the major sources of organic traffic. Most web users often turn to them for directions when searching for information, products, or services.  This is because search engines always offer trustworthy sources of information. To make search engines refer to you as a legitimate source of information, you have to meet certain criteria. These criteria set by search engines ensure that web users get the best-related results. The term search engine optimization or SEO simply means meeting the criteria set by search engines.  There are practical steps any web user can use to appear as a top search result. Here 9 best SEO strategies for your web business. Improve user experience This is what search engines do. You should also do the same and focus on how to satisfy web visitors.  Optimizing the navigation of your webpage…

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