15 Latest Facebook Updates for 2020 that You Definitely Want to Know

Social media marketing is a highly dynamic domain, and this is especially true when we drill down to Facebook, the world’s biggest social networking site. A lot more interesting nowadays is that after Facebook makes a change, there is a trickle-down effect on Instagram, which is very accurate regarding advertising. The folks at Facebook have published some updates we should look forward to in the coming months — updates we must keep in mind when planning 2020 strategies. To keep you up to date, listed here are fifteen new Facebook updates that you will need to know for 2020. 1. Lead generation in Messenger You may make advertisements that click through to messenger, and it will create an open contact between your brand and a potential customer. They will see several questions with free form text or answer options.  It’s possible to integrate this feature with your CRM and then continue interacting with all qualified leads by the Pages inbox, Pages Manager App, or even a third-party live chat provider. Then a prompt will be sent if people don’t complete questions. Consumers love AI chat spiders whenever they need easy answers or quick solutions to a regular problem. The lead-gen…

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