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3 Ways Sentiment Analysis Improve Your Marketing Scope

Quite often, you have come across situations where you really need to understand the intent behind a message and you’re completely lost. That is the time you need sentiment analysis to come into play. Sentiment analysis which is also referred to as opinion mining is an approach to natural language processing (NLP) that identifies the positive, negative, or neutral tone behind a body of a text. It entails the use of data mining, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) to mine text for emotions and subjective information. Sentiment analysis systems help brands to gather insights from unorganized, confusing, and unstructured texts that come from online sources such as emails, blog posts, support tickets, web chats, social media channels, forums, and comments. Mathematical calculations replace manual data processing by implementing rule-based, automatic or hybrid methods. Rule-based systems carry out sentiment analysis based on predefined, labor-intensive means while automatic systems learn from data with machine learning techniques. A hybrid sentiment analysis combines rule-based and automatic systems. Different types of sentiment analysis Fine-grained sentiment analysis: provides a more clear-cut level of segmentation by breaking it down into further categories, most often, however, this is broken down into basically very positive or very…

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