How to Detect And Stop an Island Hopping Attack

You must realize that hackers are wont to go to any length to attack large organizations that are even well-fortified with cybersecurity defenses. Whenever they come across stiff opposition as the case might be sometimes, instead of been put off, they try to gain access through intermediaries. They have now graduated to island hopping attacks in order to stay invisible. Based on the Carbon Black’s 2019 Global Threat Report, Infosecurity magazine says that “In aggregate, enterprises saw approximately one million attempted cyber-attacks per day, though half of today’s cyber-attacks use the victim primarily for island hopping.” It must be clearly understood that the island hopping attack strategy is not a new “kid on the block,” however, it is daily becoming increasingly important. These attackers strategize on finding new ways to gain access to your enterprise networks inasmuch as you utilize a sort of supply chain.  Once your enterprise is bound to accommodate a greate number of third parties, whether they are remote employees, contractors, corporate customers or suppliers who have to gain access to your resources remotely, you have unwittingly become a prime target for island hopping attacks. You won’t be far from the truth if you refer to their…

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