How to Convert Big in Real-Time With Context

The appropriate interpretation of your message is the juice to conversational marketing. If for any reason your context lacks clarity, your message is dead on arrival. How do you feel when you are searching for a particular product online and what you purchased some time ago keeps popping up or when something you have said results in stares or blank looks? You are completely pissed of. Both the customer and the brand are out of context, they are not operating on the same frequency. Advancement in technology has ensured that customers’ attention spans and patience are pruned down, they are more interested in their needs. For you to score big with your customers you need messages that resonate with them. The context apart from being comprehensible must be personalized for more conversions and ultimate sales. The message must deliver value to your target customer in real-time. There must be clarity at both ends which exactly is what conversational marketing prides in achieving. It’s practically impossible for you to send a message that will resonate to a customer you don’t know. The context will certainly be awry. There will be total confusion, no trust, and no understanding since you and the…

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