Why Perfect Timing Is A Necessity For Vibrant Marketing

Vibrant, perfect marketing is the wish of any entrepreneur, you invest and see the ROI in real-time. But the catch here is that you can’t expect such a turnaround without perfect timing. A lot of resources and processes go into vibrant marketing. You need to plan an effective marketing campaign, convert potential leads, and eventually launch your product or services into the market all these are based on perfect timing. A lot of organizations ignore the importance of perfect timing and they have done so to their woes. You will be losing everything you have invested, your great idea, a theoretically brilliant business model, a talented team, and enough funding to get the ball rolling without perfect timing. It will amount to an understatement to say that it’s the soul of your vibrant marketing. Taking a look at these three processes involved in marketing will bring to the limelight why you must not joke with perfect timing if you really want to see a monumental growth and the equivalent ROI. 1. Marketing campaign The essence of your marketing campaign is to introduce your product or service to your potential consumers. If for instance, you decide on an experiential marketing campaign…

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3 Pitfalls That Can Overwhelmingly Give Experiential Marketing The Knocks

Since the global market started recording a big decrease in the number of brand advocates, the methods of advertising began to change. Experiential marketing, which aims to create a closer bond between the consumers and the brand by immersing them in fun and memorable experiences, became a fundamental part of the marketing mix. Pitfalls do exist, however.


Moving Experiential Marketing Beyond the Event Center

The main goal of embarking on an experiential marketing campaign by any brand is to connect the brand and consumers in more tangible, lasting ways than the traditional, old-way of advertising. Experiential marketing is driven towards three fundamental goals: driving consumer action, increasing sales, and fortifying brand loyalty.