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Why You Must go For Cyber Insurance Now

Cyber insurance may sound alien or strange, you won’t be the only one having such a view. You may even frown at anybody who suggests that you go for cyber insurance and you will be right. Insurance policies are, however, not strange to businesses but going for cyber insurance sounds as if we are taking the game too far. But then, you have never thought even in your wildest dreams that you will get to a situation where the fear of cyber threats is the beginning of business wisdom. Even where you want to believe there is no need for cyber insurance, the evidence on the ground completely contradicts any such notion you may be having. Cyber attacks are not in any way relenting and cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and tech-savvier  Jeremiah Grossman, founder of WhiteHat Security and organizer of the cyber insurance micro summit Black Hat 2019, said he believes cyber insurance will have “a profound impact on every single one of us, in every single thing that we do in this industry.” This is definitely the reason why the cyber insurance market has experienced a boom in recent years. The bitter truth is that despite the boom…

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