3 Steps to Effectively Mitigating The Effects of Cyber Attacks

The fight against cyber attacks have basically been preventive but it has clearly dawned on brands that cybercriminals are not relenting on their assaults and are even becoming tech-savvier as days go by. Going by a new Ponemon Institute report that some 90% of critical infrastructure (CNI) providers’ claim that their IT/OT environment has been damaged by a cyber-attack over the past two years and that there were at least 2,100,480,045 records compromised in March 2019, it’s glaring that the attacks can be overwhelming and also cut across boards.. It, therefore, won’t be out of place if you have to reach a balance between preventative and recovery measures. You should operate on the premise that you may not outrightly be able to nip every future attack in the bud with preventive measures and for this reason, there must be a balance with recovery. If adequate resources are distributed over protection and recovery, you will put yourself in a much better position not only to fight cybercrimes but to also mitigate the effects if for any reason you suffer an attack. The following 3 steps will put you in good stead to effectively mitigate the effects of cyber attacks. 1. Incidence…

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