Photo Credit: verchmarco Flickr via Compfight cc Are you an entrepreneur, marketer or sales active in B2B? Then an important part of your job without any doubt is lead generation. No business without leads, right?  Of course, you also want your product, service, and organization to be known to your potential customer and to know what you stand for. But for many B2B companies, lead generation is priority number 1. However, generating valuable B2B leads is not easy in this world of ‘information obesity’. Or is it? With the 7 powerful B2B lead generation tips in this blog, you at least significantly increase your chances. 1. Make personal contact as much as possible 2. Harness the power of live chat 3. Use marketing automation 4. Convert your website visitors into leads 5. Start giving 6. Make your best customers your best ambassadors 7. Get more online reviews 1. Make personal contact as much as possible Of course, it is easy to send an email or app with questions from potential customers. But it is also an opportunity to make better and more personal contact.  If a physical appointment takes too much time or is not yet opportune, you can also…

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