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Larry Kim of MobileMonkey Answers Where Chatbots is Taking Businesses

One problem that has besieged marketers over the years has been how to engage their teeming customers at scale, but thanks to the advancement in technology, with the continuing research and development as well as the push to innovate, chatbots have come to redress this situation. Marketers now have chatbots, a unique and distinctive opportunity to engage their customers at scale. Chatbots have come to revolutionize the way customers’ questions are answered. Customers are the central point of any kind of business, therefore, all your effort should be geared towards ensuring that your customers’ pain points are addressed promptly. This requires a 24/7 service and there is no way you can do that without chatbots, especially with the world population estimated to be 7.79 billion by 2020. This could be the reason why Larry Kim the founder of one of the largest search marketing company(Wordstream) realized before selling the company to kickstart an entirely new company MobileMonkey that is centered on messaging. In an interview, Larry Kim granted Nature Torch, he bares his mind on what the transition has been like. 1.) What is the transition from founding one of the largest search marketing company(Wordstream) to building a Chatbot company…

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