How Conversational Marketing Drives Qualified Leads

A lot of people in marketing believe it’s all about increasing marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and that anything apart from this should play the second fiddle, they tend to downplay driving conversation qualified leads (CQLs). But what we are seeing with conversational marketing is that driving CQLs and opportunities provide faster routes to revenue. You will be very correct if you say that conversational marketing is account-based, personalized around intent and engagement, contextual, human, and real-time. Where you will hit the brick wall is if you decide to base on the research carried out by Altera Group which found out that 97 percent of marketers said the ABM approach yielded a higher return on investment, to think purely in terms of increasing MQLs. Quite unlike what we used to have in marketing, the revolutionized customer expects answers right now. Unfortunately, most of the tools we have been using in marketing were built for later. You would have to fill out a form so someone can contact you later. Book a time so a sales rep can give you a demo later. File a support ticket so someone can give you help later. According to findings by Drift, B2B marketers will…

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