How to Win the Ever-Changing Threats of the Cyberwar

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay  Based on the volume, frequency, and dastardness of attacks launched by cybercriminals, it is no longer a hidden fact that the world is in for a cyberwar. The magnitude of the war has made it absolutely imperative that we must embark on building nation-level defenses to fight cyberwar.  It may have been a bit late already but it can never be an overstatement to say that nation-states should put their acts together, fashion out well-articulated cyber defense measures to be able to protect themselves from the most advanced threats ever seen. Looking at the strategies cybercriminals have employed in launching attacks we have experienced so far, we may be at the early stages yet.  It is a cyberwar  Cyber threats and cyberattacks did not just start to manifest yesterday, however, the worldwide gruesome WannaCry and NotPeyta ransomware attacks of 2017, brought cyberattacks to a new level altogether. As if that were not a notification that we the world is grappling with something very mammoth, the expanding levels of malware-related data breaches in 2018, are sheer warnings and realities of the increasingly critical, vulnerable, and fast-developing world of cybercrime we all live and conduct business activities in.  Governments, individuals,…

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