How to Keep Pests Away From Your Home and Garden Naturally

Image by Beverly Buckley from Pixabay  In recent years, more and more people realize the true nature of chemical pesticides and how harmful they can be both for nature and for people, as well. So naturally, people are looking for alternatives in order to protect their home from all kinds of pests.  In this article, we will show you the most effective methods in keeping pests away from your home and garden, as well as some natural repellents that will help you out. Keeping pests away from your home and garden Seal your house and garden like a fortress  There are many ways to protect your property inside and out, mostly by restricting the access of pests and making sure they don’t get what they need to survive.  Flyscreens everywhere If you don’t have – install them. If you already have, make sure they are all functional and not ripped.  They will prevent the bigger part of insects and other pests from entering your home. If you only have flyscreens on your doors, install them on all the windows, as well, especially the ones that are open frequently.  Check them every few months and ensure they are in peak condition.  Seal every gap…

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