The Place of Quality Control (QC) in Marketing

Quality control and marketing can be likened to Siamese twins who are conjoined by the product or service an organization offers. While QC is always be-labored with ensuring that the product is of sterling and impeccable quality, marketing is preoccupied with how the product will leave the company and get to the consumers. It is not a hidden fact that we live in a technologically advanced world and with just a click prior to the purchase, consumers can learn about product information, such as size or color availabilities, manufacturing insights, and other necessary details. For sustainability, therefore, the brand must focus on commitment to quality product and customer satisfaction. A consumer survey conducted by PwC reports that the top three store-related mobile uses are for researching products (36%), accessing a coupon or promotional code (31%), and checking information about a retailer (23%). As such, it’s becoming increasingly apparent what modern-day consumers want: the right content. The lifeline of any brand is consumers and more consumers. If you don’t get the product right, you unnecessarily shot yourself on the foot. With the advancement in technology and the availability of social networks, any defect discovered in your product can easily go viral.…

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